Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters (2023)

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If there are different characters in the game, chances are there is a difference in their power levels, which puts them at different levels.

Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters (1)

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You can have many reasons to playHonkai: Starrailand one of them is probably the wide range of playable characters. Hoyoverse is famous for creating some of the most beautiful character designs in anime games, and the unique thing about this game is that some characters are shared with Honkai Impact 3rd.

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The game has a set of four-star and five-star characters that are divided according to their paths and battle types. Each path has a specific task within the team, but characters can still be ranked by their total worth.

The basis of this list of levels

Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters (2)

In Honkai: Star Rail, the performance of each character depends on several factors. Every time you pass a characterwhen summoning them, beating the game, or going through a limited time event, they already have a set of five Traces (skills):



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basic attack

Basic attack of each characterit can be used both to start a battle and to damage enemies in battle. During battle, each character's base DMG attack is a percentage of their total attack.

This percentage is the same for all characters at a given level. For example, each character's level one basic attackdeals damage equal to 50 percent of his ATK.


any characterhas a unique ability that usually suits your path. Activating these abilities requires a skill point, and skill points can be gained through basic attacks.

All characters' skill points are cumulative in battle and are displayed in the lower right corner next to their skills.


You gain energy by using basic attacks and abilities, or by taking damage from enemies.Once you have enough energy, you can use your ultimate. The Ultimate character can easily change the outcome of the battle.


This skill replaces the skill button when traversing the open world. You canuse this before the battle starts for benefits depending on the character you use.


talent isthe main passive, which combines all the skills of the character. In addition to the main talent, you can still get three passive bonuses for each character after leveling them up a certain number of times.

In addition to the level of Character Traits, his damage can depend onThe level of the Cone of Light, the type of Relics you give them, and the level of their Relics. There are plenty of light cones and relics you can use for each character, and the game gives you that freedom.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the cone of light has poweronly works if it's the same path as your character.

Due to the possible variety, this tier list focuses on a character's value based on their Footprints. Also, each tier list is subjective andyou may disagree with all character placements in this. Ultimately, you should always try to have the character you'll have the most fun with.

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Five-star S-tier characters

Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters (3)
  • pioneer
  • Edema
  • Bronia
  • Meta

This layer contains all the characters thatThey have great skills and can work in many teams. Overall, you'll benefit from having these characters on your account no matter what. Genshin Impact players may be surprised by the placement of the main character in the S-Tier,but Trailblazer is really strong in Honkai: Star Rail.

Each character's footprints deserve their place in this tier:



The best thing about Trailblazer is thisthese are given to each player for free. They belong to the path of destruction, which means they are self-sufficient. Trailblazer's damage is quite high from the start of the game.

Though your DEF only goes up after unlocking the Perseverance bonus skill. Trailblazers can deal single target and multiple target damage to an enemy.


Welt is one of the standard banner charactersboth can be purchased atlaunch banner and Stellar Warp banner. The strongest thing about him is that he was the only imaginary character at the start, which gave him a prison effect.

This effect slows down enemy turns and slows them down a bit. The entire Welt set is based on these two effects and they can help you avoid a lot of damage.


Bronya is another characteravailable in beginner and default banner. Your inventory is based solely on buffing your teammates. Not only does he deal extra damage to the character with his ability, he also removes one of his debuffs.

In addition, the character immediately turns around. It's just his ability, and his ultimate gives even more buffs.


Seele is the first temporary character in Honkai: Star Rail to follow the path of The Hunt,meaning it does a lot of damage to a single target. Her kit relies entirely on giving her extra SPD, which basically does the same thing as Welt.

You can use her basic attack and abilities much faster if you stack a lot of SPD and make good use of her abilities. In addition to being good, she is also a talented character.

Class A five-star characters

Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters (4)
  • bailu
  • Yanqing
  • cheetah
  • Klara

Layer A contains both characters thatbarely made it to S-Tier and characters giving much less valuethan S-tier characters. All these characters are part of the standard banner, so you can get them at any time.


In the beginning, Bailu was one of the two healers in the game. Healers are highly rated in Honkai: Star Rail in the mid to late game,but you get a healer for free during the story. Like Bailu, Natasha can also heal characters with her Skill and Ultimate.

The only difference is that Bailu canprevent a character from being knocked down once per battle. It's a decent character, but you can work without it.


Yanqing is one of the characters who barely missed an S-level entry. The highlight of this character isthat he is self-sufficient when it comes to damage. He can increase his critical hit rate, critical damage, and overall damage with his abilities.

This makes your relic stats less important in the late game.


The Cheetah belongs to the path of Behavior, which is said to have high defensive abilities.The problem is that the Cheetah only has defensive abilities.. His ultimate and tech grant all allies a shield, and his talent protects him from being knocked down.

One of the glaring issues with your hardware is its abilitythere is no 100% chance of freezing the enemy. Although the lack of damage is somewhat compensated by one of the bonus skills.


Clara is a cute Destruction character in the game. It may seem that Clara doesn't have much to offer her, but...most of the damage to her gear comes from Svarog when she or her allies take damage. He also takes ten percent less damage from enemies.

Her skills are pretty good, but overall numbers don't allow her to reach S-tier.

Five-star B-level characters

Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters (5)

Unfortunately, there is only one B-class character in Honkai: Star Rail, which is the lowest class.Himeko has a phenomenal skill set and excellent animations, but the other characters easily surpass her in almost every way.

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He deals his abilities and ultimate damage to a group of enemies, but it doesn't feel like enough. In addition, the game offers free Asta,who is another great fiery character. There are many things that make Himeko not so strong. But that doesn't mean it's not profitable.

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Honkai: Star Rail - A list of five-star characters? ›

The best characters in Honkai Star Rail are Bailu, Bronya, Clara, Jing Yuan, Luocha, and Seele.

Who are the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The best characters in Honkai Star Rail are Bailu, Bronya, Clara, Jing Yuan, Luocha, and Seele.

Who is the pink hair girl in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Svarog... is my family." Clara (Chinese: 克拉拉 Kèlālā) is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is a shy young girl orphaned at an early age, accompanied by an ancient mech named Svarog.

Is the main character of Honkai: Star Rail a girl? ›

Himeko is an adventurous scientist who encountered the Astral Express as a young girl. Years later, she repaired the train and set off towards the stars. Himeko is voiced by Cia Court, who played Vi in League of Legends, as well as Faith in The Wolf Among Us.

How many characters are in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Honkai: Star Rail launched with a playable roster of 22 playable characters with the Trailblazer having two elemental variants.

Is Bronya disabled? ›

As a result of staying in the quantum plane longer than intended, Bronya lost the ability to feel a wide range of emotions, required advanced legs prosthesis in order to move and had a biochip inserted in her brain to maintain survival.

Who is the villain in Honkai? ›

Type of Hostile Species

Houkai (or Honkai), also known as Collapse, are the titular central antagonists of Guns Girl Z and its sequel Honkai Impact 3rd.

Who is the purple haired girl in Honkai? ›

Sirin appears as a young girl somewhere between the ages of 12 and 13. She has long purple hair and yellow eyes. Her outfit changed 3 times during the course of the 2nd Eruption. She is first seen wearing a white lab gown before her full awakening.

Who is the green haired girl in Honkai? ›

Appearance. Before her MANTIS surgery, Mobius was a tall adult woman, often seen wearing a lab coat and glasses. Currently, Mobius has the appearance of a child, with long, curly, green hair that extends to her waist.

Who is the white hair girl in Honkai? ›

Kiana has messy white hair that's often tied into two big braids. Normally, her eyes are a bright sea blue, which is in contrast to the quiet, yet deadly, golden eyes of the sleeping Herrscher within.

Who is Mei in love with Honkai? ›

But after their separation since the Battle of Schicksal, it was clear that Mei became more aware of her feelings for Kiana and even stated multiple times how much she missed all of Kiana's public displays of affection, and was baffled when the Kiana she met in Arc City was not the Kiana she met in St.

Why is there only girls in Honkai? ›

Valkyries are predominantly female due to their greater adaptability and agility. There is a system which classifies the Valkyrja into ranks, the highest of which were the S, A, B, C and D-Ranks, in that descending order.

Who is the child in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Honkai Star Rail's Clara is a young girl who resembles Genshin Impact's Klee. She has no home and joined the prospectors in order to survive.

Are all playable characters in Honkai female? ›

Most playable Honkai: Star Rail characters are obtained through the in-game Gacha system, also called the Warp system. The main character, known as the Trailblazer, will be part of your roster from the very start of the game. They can be male or female depending on the player's choice.

Who is the canon MC in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The main character of Honkai: Star Rail doesn't actually have a canon name. They're simply referred to as the Trailblazer in-game, and they do not have a set character name like Dan Heng, Bronya, or the rest of the cast.

Who does Bronya love? ›

Bronya cares for Seele greatly, as shown when she sacrifices herself in the Sea of Quanta to allow Seele to escape. Their relationship is hinted to have romantic undertones, as Seele kisses Bronya in the Azure Waters manga.

Did Seele kiss Bronya? ›

Before leaving, Seele gifted Bronya with the robot Project Bunny 19c, who became Bronya's main weapon, and kissed her.

Is Seele in love with Bronya? ›

Seele's heart is full of gratitude and love for Bronya, taking this opportunity as an opportunity to form a friendship with Bronya and become close friends.

Who is Otto's girlfriend Honkai? ›

Otto's social rhetoric is mostly disguised, but his feelings for the childhood sweetheart, Kallen Kaslana, are genuine.

Is Raiden Mei dead? ›

Durandal, who had caught Kiana with the powers of the Sixth Divine Key (Abyss Flower), obliterated Mei in the fight for Kiana.

Who was killed in Honkai? ›

Himeko has been confirmed in Chapter 25 to be deceased.

Who is the god of Honkai? ›

Prometheus, also known as the Will of Honkai, Honkai God, God of Honkai or simply as God, is a mysterious entity in the universe of Honkaiverse that serves as the Supreme God, creator and leader of all Houkai's forces of nature in reality and beyond all creation itself, serving as the titular overarching antagonist of ...

Who killed Himeko? ›

However, Dr. MEI wasn't willing to compromise their safety, so she ordered Kevin to kill HIMEKO despite Hua's reasoning, and gradually anger.

Who is the girl with glasses in honkai impact? ›

Fu Hua is a secondary character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She is a MANTIS, and ranked 12th in the Thirteen Flame-Chasers. She is codenamed "Vicissitude".

Who killed Klein Honkai? ›

Meanwhile, a physical manifestation of a shadow had sprayed out of Mobius' body and devoured both Klein and the Herrscher Core, much to Su's shock, which supplied enough energy for Mobius to resurrect.

Is Bronya male or female? ›

If it's the latter, the girl's name Bronya is your match made in heaven. With Russian and Polish roots, this strong and edgy choice means "armor," "strength," and "protection." From the playground and school to the dinner table, your little warrior will always show you who's boss—hint, it's them!

Who is the blue girl in Honkai impact? ›

Liliya is a short girl with long and straight light cyan hair with bangs slightly swept to the left and purple eyes. She has a black and blue horn on the left-side of her head and has a black and blue tail that can be used as an additional limb for her.

Who is the ice skating girl in Honkai impact? ›

Timido Cute is a member of Schicksal Squad 2, and a close combat expert. She is a figure skater and fights with her special melee condensing skates.

Is Wendy a girl or boy Honkai? ›

That's right, it was Wendy, a girl who gained the power of a Herrscher because of an artifact in her leg that made her unable to walk. She lost control, and her Herrscher Personality took over, creating devastating gusts of wind, and powerful tornadoes.

Who is Cecilia Honkai husband? ›

Cecilia Schariac was the wife of Siegfried Kaslana and the biological mother of Kiana Kaslana. She was the most powerful valkyrja ever known by Schicksal with an S-Rank but she was not the first to hold that title.

Who is kallen in love with Honkai? ›

Kallen Kaslana was a descendant of the Kaslana lineage which were renowned for their excellent combat capabilities and Houkai adaptability. She was the most powerful among her fellow valkyrja in her era and was Otto Apocalypse's first love interest but she did not return to his feelings.

Does Kallen love Yae Sakura? ›

Sakura found Kallen when she was injured and nursed her back to health, they formed an "an intimate relationship," Kallen professed she loved Sakura, they're very much wives.

Who is shipped with mei? ›

Also Known As. Meihem is the het ship between Junkrat and Mei from the Overwatch fandom.

Why does Theresa look like a child Honkai? ›

Theresa Apocalypse is a clone made by Otto using the genes of a Honkai beast and Kallen's DNA in an attempt to revive her but ended up with a different personality and never grows up beyond 12 years old.

Is Honkai kid friendly? ›

11 and over, heres why. I honestly love this game For the simple RPG gacha game it has some really neat backstories and I have to admit I'm addicted. As for rating, I think 11 and up is fine for any mature kid.

Who is the strongest Valkyrie in Honkai lore? ›

Bianka Ataegina/Durandal

Often called by her chosen name Durandal. The current strongest Valkyrie of Schicksal, also an S-rank. Her backstory and origin are not revealed until towards the end of the first Part of the story. She is the main character of the visual novel Durandal.

Is Seele The Herrscher of Death? ›

Seele Vollerei

Seele has the Stigmata of the previous Herrscher of Death and will likely awaken soon. She almost caused numerous Eruptions both in the past and after Veliona failed to control the Stigmata because of the Twelfth's influence. Fu Hua called her excellent Herrscher "material" in Chapter 21 of the game.

Who is the oldest person in Honkai impact? ›

Fu Hua is one of the oldest characters in Honkai Impact.

Who is the youngest girl in Genshin? ›

Ages - from youngest to oldest
  • 26/28 - Lisa.
  • Mid 30s - Yelan.
  • Over 400 and under 500 chronologically - Albedo (18 physically)
  • Over 500 - Raiden.
  • Over 500 - Yae Miko.
  • Over 2000 - Xiao.
  • Over 3000 - Ganyu.
  • Over 6000 - Zhongli.

Who is Kiana's sister Honkai? ›

Durandal – “Mhm, my little sister.” Kiana Sisters is the family between Kiana Kaslana and Bianka "Durandal" Ataegina from the Honkai Impact 3rd fandom.

Who is Mihoyo's golden child? ›

Happy Birthday to mihoyo's golden child, our tuna, Kiana Kaslana!! Honkai Impact 3rd | HoYoLAB.

Who is the gray haired Honkai? ›

Alvitr has long, greyish violet hair that is tied into a ponytail alongside raspberry red eyes. She has a black choker with two straps that connect to her black and sea turquoise outfit with dull, golden buttons and strings.

Is there a boy in Honkai? ›

He is the first playable male in Honkai Impact 3rd. It is revealed that he is the first boy to ever enroll in St. Freya.

How old is Raiden Mei? ›

OverviewStoryQuotesGallery Raiden Mei is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. Her old profile listed her age as 17 and her "three sizes" as 89 cm / 62 cm / 90 cm.

Who is the blonde male in Honkai Impact? ›

Otto Apocalypse is a young-looking man with blond hair tied to the side. He keeps his blonde hair and green eyes in all of his Soulium bodies.

Who is march 7th Honkai: Star Rail? ›

March 7th is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. An enthusiastic girl who was once saved from eternal ice by the Astral Express. She now travels with them, always bringing her camera in the hopes of capturing a memento from her past. She can be obtained for free in the prologue.

Is Carole in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Although Carole isn't a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail at release, a promotional trailer shows her talking to Welt, hinting at her future availability. Her personality is currently unknown, but if consistent with her previous portrayal, players can expect her to be cheerful, energetic, and straightforward.

What race is Carole Honkai? ›

Okay. Since im seeing so many people in genshintwt speaking about “blackwashing” and how black folk should just wait until mihoyo makes an actual black character for good representation, let's talk about Carole Pepper from Honkai, a canonically black character made by Mihoyo.

Who is the most powerful Honkai character? ›

Fu Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)

It's one of the most powerful yet most elegant in the Honkai universe. The Herrscher of Sentience can provide great physical support and can impair enemies. She can even deal high damage through combo slashes whenever she activates her ultimate.

Who is the main character in Mihoyo star rail? ›

Honkai Star Rail's Trailblazer is the main character in the game who you get to name and complete story aspects as.

Who is the strongest playable character in Honkai impact? ›

Honkai Impact – Tier S (Best Characters)
  • Stygian Nymph.
  • Fallen Rosemary.
  • Herrscher of Flamescion.
  • Vermillion Knight: Eclipse.
  • Azure Empyrea.
  • Herrscher of Reason.
  • Haxxor Bunny.
  • Herrscher of Thunder.
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Who is the strongest character in Honkai lore wise? ›

From what I know, Kallen Kaslana was supposedly one of the best valkyries. Currently, Durandal seems to be very high at the top as well. K-423 with Sirin in control seems to be very strong too in the Herrscher of the Void form, only to be stopped by the serum injected by Vermillion Knight Himeko.

Who is God in Honkai? ›

Prometheus, also known as the Will of Honkai, Honkai God, God of Honkai or simply as God, is a mysterious entity in the universe of Honkaiverse that serves as the Supreme God, creator and leader of all Houkai's forces of nature in reality and beyond all creation itself, serving as the titular overarching antagonist of ...

Who is the 1st Herrscher? ›

Welt Joyce

Who is the queen of Honkai? ›

The one born as Sirin (in Chinese: 西琳, Xī Lín) and later better known as Herrscher of the Void (in Chinese: 空之律者, Kōng Zhī Lǜzhě), also known as Queen of the Void, K-423, 2nd Herrscher, Second Ruler of the New World, Houkai God, Queen of the Houkai, Ultimate Ruler, God Kiana, Goddess of the Void and possibly hundreds ...

Who is the boss of miHoYo? ›

Cai Haoyu legally represents the company and serves as its chairman and general manager; he is also the controlling shareholder and the actual controller. Liu Wei and Luo Yuhao serve as directors. Cai is largest shareholder of miHoYo as he controls 41% of its shares; Liu and Luo control 22.6% and 21.4%, respectively.

Who is the black hair guy in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Dan Heng is a tall, slender man with blue eyes, fair-toned skin and black hair. He wears a black turtleneck along with a white and turquoise-colored coat, with gold and smoke-styled accents and a piece of jade armor on his left shoulder. He wears gray pants and black high-top shoes with white soles.

Who is the blonde guy in Honkai? ›

Otto Apocalypse is a young-looking man with blond hair tied to the side. He keeps his blonde hair and green eyes in all of his Soulium bodies.

Who is the strongest Herrscher? ›

Narrator, Honkai Impact 3rd - Secret of the God Keys. The legendary Herrscher who brought the end to the ancient civilization of Earth and was considered as the most evil and dangerous Herrscher of all time for alone destroying the surface of Earth before the rise of the new human civilization .

Who is the 1st protagonist in Honkai Impact? ›

Honkai Impact's Kiana Kaslana (K-423)

K-423 is the first character you play as in Honkai Impact, and is a replica that holds the DNA of Kiana Kaslana.

Who is the most powerful Valkyrie in Honkai? ›

Durandal. miHoYo Durandal is the head of the Immortal Blades and one of the strongest Valkyrie in Honkai Impact.

Who is the grey haired character in Honkai Impact? ›

Bronya is a small girl and has light gray hair and darker gray eyes. Her haircut has drill-shaped ponytails.


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