Honkai Star Rail Version 1.0 List of levels and top characters (2023)

Honkai Star Rail launched with many characters and it's hard to choose the best character to remove the content. Here is our Honkai Star Rail 1.0 Tier List.

Honkai Star Rail V1.0 Tier List

Note that the order of the layers is random. All characters have an Eidolon score of 0, except for the Physical Trailblazer whose Eidolons are available for free.

This list was last updated on April 30, 2023.


Bailu is one of the two healers available in the game, the other being Natasha. That alone makes her extremely valuable, not to mention her skills and ultimates, which allow her to heal multiple teammates. Bailu (or Natasha) is almost a necessity in long-running game modes like Simulated Universe if you don't have a Preservation character in your party.


Bronya's team buffs and ability to bump into other characters can be extremely powerful if used correctly. Only Bronya can be a worthy addition to your group, but it's impossible not to mention her synergy with specific characters like Seele. It will guide you through most of the early game content once you know how to use your skills effectively.

target - str

The aim isbetterdealing damage to a single target in the game, as he can get an extra turn after defeating an enemy. She can easily break waves on her own and literally solo most early game content. Not to mention it deals quantum damage - an extremely rare type of damage, and the other resource is on the other side of this tier list.


Tingyun is one of (if not the best) four star characters in Honkai Star Rail. She is highly rated not only because her buffs are good and work against pretty much anything the game throws at her, but also because she acts as a battery for your main damage dealer, allowing him to throw his ultimate much further.

If you have Tingyun,create it now.It's a great investment, whether you're taking your time innovating or racing through the final game content.

Pioneer each – A+

Fire Trailblazer follows the path of Protection, meaning it takes on a more defensive role compared to its physical version. Taunt is what this character is all about as it forces all enemies to direct their attacks at them for one turn. That said, Fire Trailblazer will eventually degrade and require a different form of healing or shield support that comes from other Preservation characters like March 7. Fire MCs can also be great sources of fire damage as they can deal massive amounts of AOE damage, albeit inconsistently.

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Natasha– A+

Natasha is one of the two healers in the game, with the exception of the 5-star Bailu. You'll also get it for free, and you'll definitely need a healer at some point early in the game. If you don't have Bail, Natasha is literally your only choice, but she's not bad. He easily blends in with any team lineup, and even starts hitting the healer hard on the better Eidolons.

Geraldo – A

The best shield provider in the game. The Cheetah has a huge group-spanning shield that can almost eliminate the need for a healer in any battle in the world. Having a huge shield also means you have more room for a basic point attack. This may be a bit of an overkill in the early game, but it works well for the endgame content currently available.

Himeko- A

Himeko is the auto player's best friend. Her AOE damage is unique due to her ultimate and follow-up attacks, and she deals fair damage to a single target. It may need some investment before it shows its full power, but it's worth it - you'll never have to think about losing an auto battle again.

Edema- A

The Welt is an excellent and versatile unit. It can act as a debuffer, slowing and stopping enemies, but its damage isn't an issue either. Not to mention the imaginary damage type, which is also quite rare. The only downside to Welt and his slow kit is lap counting, like in Forgotten Hall.

Sampo - A

Sampo Koski is a dependable champ who deals consistent damage with his talent, which also applies Wind Shear. Like Welt, its downside is that it can be less useful in timed stages as it doesn't deal much damage.

Sussang - A

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Sushang is one of the best 4-star single-target characters in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, he is also great at exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents. While he doesn't need much preparation to deal decent damage, you may need to spread out the damage types across your team to make sure you can safely crush your enemies.

Klara- A

Clara can deal massive damage, both single-target and area-of-effect. This is because Svarog's Counter can hit multiple times in a single turn, especially against Clara's Ultimate. He can be a very good character, and most of the early to mid-game content can be destroyed by this killer duo once you get to know their mechanics.

Physical Pioneer - B

The Physical Pioneer helps you early in the game, but barely. Even though you get all your Eidolons for free, the Fire version is better in every way. That said, if you need a physical damage dealer and don't have any better characters, the Physical Pioneer might be a good choice.


Good buffs, thanks to their ability, can easily break the fire weakness. Not very good against multiple enemies or enemies with no weakness to fire.


Excellent for single targeting and can even work in mid to late game content. Unfortunately, his talent needs a buffer to work, and he may need some investment and familiarity to maximize his performance.


Good single target damage and DoT with its afterburn. May underperform in timed stages due to relying on his Ultimate.

7 mark-B

Great target shield and can remove debuffs. March 7 works well with characters like Clara and Fire Trailblazer. Your shield is just a gentle taunt that doesn't guarantee enemy focus.



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Have fun with his DEF debuff that makes the whole team deal more damage to all enemies. In this regard, Pela is a unique character. However, she needs a team that can make the most of her nerfs for her to shine.


You get Serval for free with pre-registration bonus. The synergy of her abilities is fun, allowing her to do exceptional AOE damage that can be compared to some 5-star characters. On the other hand, it deals slightly below average single target damage.


Good stats and can easily clear early game content. Yanqing also has a reliable Freeze with little investment, which is useful in most cases. He needs a team to be built around him to perform decently.

Arlan – C

It requires a lot of investment and requires your group's survival to not perish.


Overall a disappointing character and can only be used in auto mode.

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Qingque – D

Very inconsistent damage. Playing Qingque is like playing a gacha game within a gacha game. Only use when quantum damage is urgently needed.

Honkai: Starrailis now availablefor iOS, Android, Windows PC and Epic Games Store.


Honkai Star Rail Version 1.0 List of levels and top characters? ›

Honkai Star Rail's Trailblazer is the main character in the game who you get to name and complete story aspects as.

Who is the strongest playable character in Honkai impact? ›

Honkai Impact – Tier S (Best Characters)
  • Stygian Nymph.
  • Fallen Rosemary.
  • Herrscher of Flamescion.
  • Vermillion Knight: Eclipse.
  • Azure Empyrea.
  • Herrscher of Reason.
  • Haxxor Bunny.
  • Herrscher of Thunder.
5 days ago

Who is the main character in Mihoyo star rail? ›

Honkai Star Rail's Trailblazer is the main character in the game who you get to name and complete story aspects as.

What is the difference between Silver Wolf and Bronya? ›

That is also an easy answer : Bronya not Silver Wolf, and that's because Bronya, unlike Silver Wolf, as a set identity and actual an family member while Silver Wolf is unnamed and as far as we saw from betas, she has basically no one except Kafka.

Which Herrscher is the strongest? ›

The legendary Herrscher who brought the end to the ancient civilization of Earth and was considered as the most evil and dangerous Herrscher of all time for alone destroying the surface of Earth before the rise of the new human civilization .

Who is the real main character in Honkai star? ›

Trailblazer is the playable main protagonist of Honkai: Star Rail.

Who is the canon MC in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The main character of Honkai: Star Rail doesn't actually have a canon name. They're simply referred to as the Trailblazer in-game, and they do not have a set character name like Dan Heng, Bronya, or the rest of the cast.

Who is the antagonist in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Nanook is an Aeon representing Destruction, the leader of the Antimatter Legion, and is the overall main antagonist of Honkai: Star Rail.

Who is the black hair guy in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Dan Heng is a tall, slender man with blue eyes, fair-toned skin and black hair. He wears a black turtleneck along with a white and turquoise-colored coat, with gold and smoke-styled accents and a piece of jade armor on his left shoulder. He wears gray pants and black high-top shoes with white soles.

How rare is Trailblazer SS? ›

Only about 26,000 models of the Trailblazer SS were ever made.

How fast is Trailblazer? ›

The whole family can enjoy a fast-paced coaster ride through Pioneer Country! Trailblazer℠ coaster reaches speeds of 45 mph and features a helix that circles a total of 4 times! This beloved coaster is the second-oldest in Hersheypark®.

How much is a Trailblazer worth? ›

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer Value - $14,360-$27,309 | Edmunds.

Who is Bronya love interest? ›

Character Introduction

Cocoila adopted her, as she did not want to kill children. Bronya would later start an relationship with Seele Vollerei.

Who does Bronya love? ›

Bronya cares for Seele greatly, as shown when she sacrifices herself in the Sea of Quanta to allow Seele to escape. Their relationship is hinted to have romantic undertones, as Seele kisses Bronya in the Azure Waters manga.

Can Bronya use her legs? ›

Formerly an assassin known as the, 'Silver Wolf of the Urals', Bronya Zaychik is a valkryie of Russian descent who specializes in long ranged engagements and is an expert hacker. Unable to use her legs, Bronya relies on her trusty Project Bunny 19C for transport and combat.

Who is the 1st Herrscher? ›

Welt Joyce

Is Elysia the 13th Herrscher? ›

At the end of Chapter 3, it is revealed that Elysia was actually the Previous Era's 13th Herrscher.

What is the strongest boss in Honkai? ›

Assaka is the Honkai Beast with the most physical damage (not including Trial Level Beasts like Chiyou). Assaka aka the Son of Night and Dawn, is also the most defensive boss until it's shielded fists are deactivated.

Who is Cecilia Honkai husband? ›

Cecilia Schariac was the wife of Siegfried Kaslana and the biological mother of Kiana Kaslana. She was the most powerful valkyrja ever known by Schicksal with an S-Rank but she was not the first to hold that title.

Who is the real Kiana hi3? ›

Kiana Kaslana is the biological daughter of Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac, born December 7th, 1998.

Are there only female characters in Honkai? ›

The series has multiple male characters, just never ones that are playable like Otto Apocalypse or Kevin.

Who is the purple haired girl in Honkai? ›

Sirin appears as a young girl somewhere between the ages of 12 and 13. She has long purple hair and yellow eyes. Her outfit changed 3 times during the course of the 2nd Eruption. She is first seen wearing a white lab gown before her full awakening.

Who is the pink hair girl in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Svarog... is my family." Clara (Chinese: 克拉拉 Kèlālā) is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is a shy young girl orphaned at an early age, accompanied by an ancient mech named Svarog.

Who is the blonde hair guy in Honkai? ›

Otto Apocalypse is a young-looking man with blond hair tied to the side. He keeps his blonde hair and green eyes in all of his Soulium bodies.

Who killed Klein Honkai? ›

Meanwhile, a physical manifestation of a shadow had sprayed out of Mobius' body and devoured both Klein and the Herrscher Core, much to Su's shock, which supplied enough energy for Mobius to resurrect.

Who is controlling Kiana? ›

But when the Herrscher of the Void took control over Kiana's body, Himeko stepped up to save her. Kiana was shattered by her sacrifice. All her childishness and spunkiness had been replaced with guilt and fear. She ran away to Arc City, not knowing what to do anymore.

Who is the green haired girl in Honkai? ›

Appearance. Before her MANTIS surgery, Mobius was a tall adult woman, often seen wearing a lab coat and glasses. Currently, Mobius has the appearance of a child, with long, curly, green hair that extends to her waist.

What color is Eden Honkai hair? ›

Eden has long red hair, which she wears loose. Her eyes match her codename, being a deep yellow. She has a golden hairpin that goes from her left side to the back of her head; its golden chain leads to a brown bow. She also has an earring on that side.

Are there no male characters in Honkai? ›

We couldn't get any playable male characters in Honkai Impact after the Adam incident, but at least we'll finally be able to play Welt Yang (and the other male characters) in Star Rail!

Is there a boy in Honkai? ›

He is the first playable male in Honkai Impact 3rd. It is revealed that he is the first boy to ever enroll in St. Freya.

What is the oldest trailblazer? ›

The first generation 2002–2009 TrailBlazer is based on a truck platform officially known as GMT360, with all models having four-wheel-drive layout as an option with both automatic engagement and the more traditional "2 High", "Automatic", "4 High" and "4 Low" gearing's, except the SS model which features an all-wheel- ...

What replaced the Trailblazer? ›

After an all-too-short time on the market, the Chevrolet TrailBlazer left North America and was replaced by the Traverse. The last TrailBlazer was built at GM's Moraine, Ohio, plant in 2008, and though the Traverse has filled in quite capably, there has been something of a void in our hearts ever since. But no longer.

What is Trailblaze? ›

to blaze a trail through (a forest, wilderness, or the like) for others to follow. to be a pioneer in (a particular subject, technique, etc.). verb (used without object), trail·blazed, trail·blaz·ing. to work or serve as a trailblazer.

Is Trailblazer faster than Eclaire? ›

Its true top speed can even tie with the Airtail and Volt 4x4, but falls behind the Macaron, MCL36, M12 Molten, Eclaire, Beignet, Concept, Brulee, and Torpedo.

Are Trailblazers worth it? ›

Is the 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer a Good SUV? The Chevy Trailblazer is a decent option if you're in the market for a small SUV. The Trailblazer has a spacious interior, both for passengers and cargo, plus a wide array of standard features for an SUV that starts at around $22,000. Its infotainment system is easy to use.

Are the Trailblazers good? ›

Chevy's done a great job with the latest Trailblazer. It isn't the most efficient or the best-performing vehicle in the class, but it is exceedingly competent at nearly everything it does. In the increasingly competitive class of extra-small SUVs, the Trailblazer is a half-step ahead.

What are the levels of Trailblazer? ›

The 4 trim levels of the 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer are the LS, LT, Activ, and RS. This is the base model Trailblazer. Its standard features include automatic on-off halogen headlights, low grille shutters, 17-inch painted aluminum wheels, power door locks, windows, and outboard rear view mirrors.

Do they still make trail blazers? ›

The 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer subcompact SUV has the looks and the cabin space to spark interest from potential buyers.

Who owns Trailblazer? ›

Paul G. Allen Trust

Who is Otto's girlfriend Honkai? ›

Otto's social rhetoric is mostly disguised, but his feelings for the childhood sweetheart, Kallen Kaslana, are genuine.

Who is Kiana in love with? ›

Kiana is very open towards her attraction to Mei and insists that she loves her back. A lot of the time she will blatantly flirt with Mei and carry on with perverted comments or actions to do with her, even in serious situations.

Did Seele kiss Bronya? ›

Before leaving, Seele gifted Bronya with the robot Project Bunny 19c, who became Bronya's main weapon, and kissed her.

Who is Mei shipped with Honkai? ›

Meihua is the femslash ship between Raiden Mei and Fu Hua from the Honkai Impact 3rd fandom.

Does Kiana have a crush on Mei? ›

They're part of the main 3 characters in the game along with another younger girl named Bronya Zaychik. Kiana is very open towards her attraction to Mei and insists that she loves her back.

What did Sin Mal do to Bronya? ›

Manga Story

When Bronya shows off to Seele, Sin gets very annoyed; so when they're alone later, Sin pushes Bronya down some stairs and breaks her legs by stomping on them, saying that she won't let Bronya like Seele.

Is Seele in love with Bronya? ›

Seele's heart is full of gratitude and love for Bronya, taking this opportunity as an opportunity to form a friendship with Bronya and become close friends.

Is there a male Herrscher? ›

Most of the Herrscher are genderless but once they take control of a human body they gain the gender of their vessel, becoming one with them and officially becoming a part of their vessel, like a new persona or personality.

Is bronya silver wolf? ›

Today happens to be the birthday of Bronya, the Silver Wolf of the Urals. I believe many Captains have fought alongside Bronya and defeated countless enemies.

Is Kevin the strongest character in Honkai Impact 3? ›

As a MANTIS, Kevin became one of the most powerful soldiers in history. His subzero body temperature meant he was able to unleash the full might of Shamash without dying. Due to this, he single-handedly defeated the 9th and 11th Herrschers.

Who is the strongest kaslana? ›

Patriarchs are usually the most powerful members of the Kaslana family tree. Famous members of the Kaslana descent are Siegfried Kaslana and Kiana Kaslana.

Who is God in Honkai Impact? ›

Prometheus, also known as the Will of Honkai, Honkai God, God of Honkai or simply as God, is a mysterious entity in the universe of Honkaiverse that serves as the Supreme God, creator and leader of all Houkai's forces of nature in reality and beyond all creation itself, serving as the titular overarching antagonist of ...

What rank is Bronya? ›

She is an top-gamer with the MMORPG game account is at rank 98 of 100 named "Metal Gear Bronya", even having a stash of games that she doesn't share with anyone except worthy opponents and worthwhile friends. When fighting, she will always fight with Remodelled Bunny 19C.

Who is the strongest Valkyrie in Honkai lore? ›

Bianka Ataegina/Durandal

Often called by her chosen name Durandal. The current strongest Valkyrie of Schicksal, also an S-rank. Her backstory and origin are not revealed until towards the end of the first Part of the story. She is the main character of the visual novel Durandal.

Who is the villain in Honkai? ›

Type of Hostile Species

Houkai (or Honkai), also known as Collapse, are the titular central antagonists of Guns Girl Z and its sequel Honkai Impact 3rd.

Who did Otto love Honkai? ›

Otto's social rhetoric is mostly disguised, but his feelings for the childhood sweetheart, Kallen Kaslana, are genuine. Kallen is one of the few friends in Otto's lonely childhood.

Who defeated God Kiana? ›

In Honkai however, Himeko's Vermillion fought God Kiana in her prime and won, somehow splitting a void spear and going through a portal using flames of a loving teacher!

Who is Kallen Kaslana lover? ›

She has romantic feelings for Yae Sakura after she found her unconscious in a river.

Is Kallen the most powerful Valkyrie? ›

Kallen Kaslana was a descendant of the Kaslana lineage which were renowned for their excellent combat capabilities and Houkai adaptability. She was the most powerful among her fellow valkyrja in her era and was Otto Apocalypse's first love interest but she did not return to his feelings.

Who was the God that stopped lumine and aether? ›

It's speculated that the Unknown God is the ruler of Celestia and therefore the deity whom all others must answer to, in addition to potentially being responsible for the destruction of both Khaenri'ah and the Travelers' world (which may have led the siblings to travel across other worlds) as her cubes can be seen ...

Why is Kiana the Unknown God? ›

Her name seems to be inspired by Asmodeus who was one of the nine Kings of Hell in the grimoire. It is worth noting that the community often uses the name Kiana for the Unknown God. This is because her appearance is quite similar to Kiana Kaslana, Herrscher of the Void.

Who controls Kiana? ›

From changing her perspective on what it meant to be a Valkyrie, to her eventual final lesson, Himeko guided Kiana down her path. Kiana often called her 'Auntie', much to her chagrin. But when the Herrscher of the Void took control over Kiana's body, Himeko stepped up to save her.


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