MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (2023)

Come and see what our favorite former MasterChef participants are up to now. From Lisa Faulkner to Shelina Permalloo, from Andrew Kojima to Matt Dawson...

kitchen master(opens in new tab)is back for series 13 of the current format, with judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode once again taking the helm. So, in their honor, we've rounded up some of our favorite contenders from all three variations, including thecelebrity(opens in new tab)jprofessional(opens in new tab)The version.

Famous participants of MasterChef 2022(opens in new tab)have just been confirmed.

We often wonder what participants do after MasterChef, especially when they're crowned winners. Some seem to disappear from the face of the earth while others build careers in the food industry, many becoming very successful!

From Lisa Faulkner to Shelina Permalloo, from Andrew Kojima to Matt Dawson, we find out what our favorite former MasterChef contestants have been up to since they've been on the show. Most contestants, especially the winners, do reasonably well, going on to have successful careers as chefs, publishing cookbooks and even opening their own restaurants.

First there are the original MasterChef winners, who start out as home cooks and often become professional chefs. On the show, they must complete grueling challenges under pressure while honing their cooking skills. So it's not surprising that most lovers come to the other side with very successful careers in the food world.

Winning MasterChef is not only a testament to their quality as chefs, but also shows how quickly they learn and adapt to new challenges and create new dishes.

"It's not the top chefs at the start who win MasterChef, it's the ones who learn the most and the fastest," said judges John and Gregg of former MasterChef contestants who won the show.

You'll likely recognize many of their faces from the show's final 13 seasons, from the first winner, Thomasina Miers, to the last chef to become MasterChef, Jane Devonshire.

Jane Devonshire

OMS:Jane Devonshire.

Bett:Master-Chief 2016.

Where is she now?Since becoming a master chef in 2016, Jane has been very busy, performing at food festivals and posting recipes on her website.

He has also worked in restaurants to gain more experience including spending a week at Le Gavroche, a two Michelin star restaurant in Mayfair, London.

If you miss Jane on screen, you're in luck: she'll be a critic at this year's Masterchef, along with finalists Billy Wright and Jack Layer.

Simon Wood

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (1)

OMS:Simon Wood

Bett:Master-Chief 2015.

(Video) Masterchef US | Where Are They Now?

Where is it now:Simon became a chef at the Oldham Event Center in Manchester. The former MasterChef contestant has also released a cookbook, At Home with Simon Wood: Fine Dining Made Simple, in which he reveals some of his unique fine dining recipes that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

ping coombes

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (2)


Bett:Champion boss 2014.

Where is she now?After winning the show in 2014, Ping published her book Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen.

He is also Executive Chef at Chi Kitchen, an Asian restaurant with outlets in London and Birmingham, and has performed at food festivals and taught cooking classes.

Natalia Colemann

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (3)

OMS:Natalia Colemann.

Bett:Champion boss 2013.

Where is she now?Natalie has been very busy since her series aired, co-authoring the book MasterChef: The Finalists and working on her solo cookbook Winning Recipes: For Every Day, published in 2014, and the recipe for her Scotch Includes Egg Winner. .

Natalie has also cooked at various restaurants including Tom Kerridge's The Hand & Flower, attended charity events, cooked at food festivals, taught children to cook in schools and worked closely with Jamie Oliver to raise funds. for his Quinze Foundation. .

Shelina Permalloo

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (4)

OMS:Shelina Permalloo.

Bett:Champion boss 2012.

Where is she now?Shelina has found success in the food industry since winning the show.

She has published two cookbooks: Sunshine on a Plate, with Mauritius-inspired recipes, and The Sunshine Diet, which explains how she lost 50 pounds with the recipes included and offers the dishes to inspire others.

And if that wasn't enough, she has performed at several food festivals, been spotted cooking on This Morning and currently blogs for the Huffington Post - what a busy bee!

(Video) Masterchef US | Where Are They Now? Part 3

andres an wen

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (5)

OMS:Andre Kojima.

Bett:Andrew narrowly lost the championship title at the 2012 show.

Where is it now:The enthusiast took part in a fast-paced training program with chefs including Michel Roux Jr. and Gordon Ramsay just weeks after the show.

Now, with some impressive Michelin Star chef skills up his sleeve, Andrew has been busy cooking for well-known celebrities and presenting cooking demonstrations.

Panadero Dhruv

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (6)

OMS:How to install Panadero Dhruv.

Bett:Champion boss 2010.

Where is it now:Dhruv has since published his own cookbook, Spice: Layers of Flavor.

The former MasterChef candidate also opened his own pub, The Jolly Gardeners, in Earlsfield, south London.

mat foot

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (7)

OMS:Matte Follas.

(Video) Super Weird Rules That MasterChef Contestants Need To Follow

Bett:Master-Chief 2009.

Where is it now:After winning the show, Mat fully focused on his culinary career.

After closing The Wild Garlic restaurant, which opened in 2009, he later opened the Bramble Cafe & Deli in Poundbury with his wife and business partner. He has also published two books: Fish and Vegetable Perfection.

Tomásina Miers

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (8)

OMS:Tomásina Miers.

Bett:Champion boss 2005.

Where is she now?Shortly after being crowned the first MasterChef winner, she directed two cooking shows for Canal 4 and hosted a show called Comida Mexicana Hecha Simple.

Thomasina has also published a few different cookbooks, including Soup Kitchen, and is best known today as the founder of the Wahaca chain of Mexican street food restaurants.

Famous MasterChef participants

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (9)

Who doesn't love a good dose of Celebrity MasterChef? There's nothing quite like watching our favorite stars prepare delicious meals in the comfort of our own homes. But when the show ends, will any of them have a culinary career? Let's find out...

Matt Dawson

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (10)

OMS:Matt Dawson.

Bett:Promi MasterChef 2006.

Where is it now:In addition to his usual role as team captain with A Matter of Sport, the retired athlete is dedicated to his passion for gastronomy.

The former Celebrity MasterChef contestant has also published his own cookbook, Matt Dawson: Fresh, Simple, Tasty.

(Video) Masterchef US | Where Are They Now? Part 2

Lisa Faulkner

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (11)

OMS:Lisa Faulkner.

Bett:Promi MasterChef 2010.

Where is she now?After defeating Christine Hamilton and Dick Strawbridge in the finals, Lisa hosted a number of cooking shows including Real Food Family Cook Off and What's Cooking?

Lisa recently published her fourth cookbook, Mother to Mother: Recipes from a Family Kitchen, and has been dating MasterChef judge John Torode since 2015, dammit!

Phil Vickery

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (12)

OMS:Phil Vickery.

Bett:Promi MasterChef 2011.

Where is it now:The athlete's winning meal consisted of scallops, black pudding, crispy Parma ham and fondant potatoes. Everything looks great, don't you think?

Phil didn't appreciate his cooking skills as much as other celebrities after winning, but he says he's supported his wife, friends and family and has appeared at numerous food events over the years, including MasterChef Live.

MasterChef: the professional competitors

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (13)

The MasterChef: The Professionals contestants are already professional chefs, but exposure to national television could change their careers forever, especially if they earn the coveted MasterChef title! Have any of them done bigger things in the food world? We'll find out for you!

Keri Musgo

MasterChef Competitors: Where Are They Now? (14)

OMS:Keri Moos.

(Video) The TRUTH about the salt incident - Interview with MasterChef's Leslie Gilliams

Bett:MasterChef: The Pros 2006.

Where is she now?Former MasterChef contestant Keri has made the most of her title. In 2013 he opened a new restaurant at Selfridges and took on the position of Executive Chef at The Corner Restaurant and Champagne Bar.


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