The secret packs of the best dueling champion YuGioh and how to get them (2023)

You should know betterYuGiOh Championship Matchsecret packs and how to get them so you can build the most effective decks to dominate your matchups. Secret packages have arrivedYuGiOhallows you to buy specific card packs only for specific archetypes, allowing you to build themed decks that interact and connect well. So, an overview of the bestYuGiOh Championship Matchsecret packages, read on.

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Secret Packs YuGiOh Master Duel: What is a Secret Pack?

The secret packs of the best dueling champion YuGioh and how to get them (1)

The secret packs of the best dueling champion YuGioh and how to get them (2)Click to zoom

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A secret pack is a type of deck of cards that can be purchased in the shop for gems. Each pack focuses on a different archetype, and those archetypes combine to create decks with unique strategies. However, the secret pack does not only contain cards of a specific archetype, as the first four cards in each pack come from the collection of cards found in the main packs.

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The newest cards are drawn from a list of featured cards that is specific to each secret pack. This means that by buying enough Secret Packs, you can build a deck based on the archetype and your strategies, and then supplement it with more general cards.

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YuGiOh Master Duel Secret Packs: How to Get Secret Packs

The secret packs of the best dueling champion YuGioh and how to get them (3)

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There are several methods to find outYuGiOh Championship Matchsecret packs, but first of all you need to get one of the super rare (SR) or ultra rare (UR) archetype cards. This can be done by opening generic packages like master packages, or by building the specific map you want.

Once you get one of these cards, the corresponding secret bundle will appear in your shop for 24 hours, allowing you to purchase the bundle for 100 gems. You can also reset this timer to 24 hours if you receive or create another secret pack card.


List of YuGiOh Master Duel secret packages

Below is a complete list of YuGiOh Master's Secret Duel Packs, along with the corresponding archetypes that can be found within them.

  • A Song of Zephyr and Petals - Melodic i Windwitch
  • Abyssal Underworld - Zombie World, Vendread i Wight
  • Advanced Warriors - Dragon Slayer, Igknight, Majespecter, Dynamist and Amorphage
  • AI Omniscience - @Ignister
  • Revised heraldry - heraldic beast and CXyz
  • Artistic Angel - Climate and solar chord
  • Astral Trinity of Gods - Norse
  • Awakening of the Ancients - Artifact and Guardian
  • Beasts from Hell - Volcanic Flame and Nebula
  • Beloved dolls - Madolche and the monster
  • Fortitude Ardente - Salamangeweldig
  • Blazing Warriors - Fighting and Heroic Boxer
  • Thriving in adversity - Aromat and Rikka
  • Cofre do Céu de Bujin - Bujin
  • Charming curtain bell - Performapal
  • Heavenly Dragon and Bear - Drytron and Ursarctic
  • Corruption of cell "A" - alien
  • Champions of Hope - Utopia en ZW -
  • Heroes of Salvation - Tellarknight and Constellar
  • Mecha kolosalny - Gimmick Puppet, numer 9: Dyson Sphere
  • Fire Warriors - Laval
  • Space mechanical units - Krawler, Mekk-Knight, Knightmare and World Legacy
  • Counter-swinging mages - Mago
  • Interdimensional Contracts - D/D
  • Crystal Sevenfold - Crystal Beast
  • Curse of the Serpent - Venom and Reptilianne
  • Cyber ​​​​​​City Guardians - Virtual World and Tindangle
  • Darkest Magic - Dark Wizard
  • Insidious Wings of Darkness - Lord of Darkness, Forbidden
  • Inhabitants of the Grove of Sacred Trees - Naturia
  • Sorceress of Fate - Fortune Fairy, Fortune Lade and Prediction Princess
  • Regenerated Devastation - Scrap
  • Digital bugs in cyberspace - Digital Bug
  • Dragon Explorer - Odd-Eyes and Performapal
  • Dragon Luster – Starry Knight, Dragonmaid i Felgrand
  • Drakengeest - Yang Zing, Tenyi
  • Dragon Knight Gorge - Dragunity
  • Dreadnought Advance - Infinitrack, trem
  • Echo Chamber Nation - Dogmatika, Tri-Brigade i Springans
  • Electrolyrisch - device, Batteryman
  • Electron illusions - allergist, evil twin
  • Elemental Exchange - Genex
  • Crest Trousers - Vylon
  • Scout rising monsters! - Danger!, Kaiju
  • Enchanted Shadow Threads - Shaddoll and Zefra
  • Essences of Flora and Ocean - Trickstar and Marinecess
  • Beautiful raven black rose - rubella
  • Legendary Gods - Legendary
  • Devil's Encounter - Magic Musket and Burning Abyss
  • The devil's toy - Fluffal
  • Burning from this and the next world - Mayakashi and Shiranui
  • Forest Friends - Melffy and the mystical forest beast
  • Forgotten Citizens - Atlantic and Mermaid
  • Futuristic Creatures - T.G.
  • Galaxy War - BES, Kozmo
  • Giant gears - ancient gear
  • Glacier seal - ice barrier
  • Glory on the wings - Harpy
  • Gods of the Abyss and Arcadia - Hieratic and Ogdoadian
  • Rule of the Great Shogun - Six Samurai
  • Guardian of Kings - Gravekeeper's
  • Fire Keepers - Firefist
  • Guardians of the Sacred Heaven - Constable, Sanctuary in Heaven, Parasha and Ceremony
  • Bezpłatne Liderados Pelo Noble Knight - Noble Knight, Infernoble Knight i Noble Arms
  • Hand of Fate - Arcane Force and Cardian Flower
  • Immortal royal family - Vampire and Eldlich
  • Vaste Samurai - Superzware Samurai
  • Imminent Kill - Timelord and Meklord
  • Steadfast Knights - The Phantom Knights and the Great King
  • Inevitability of Chaos - Black Gloss Soldier and Chaos
  • Insect Metamorphosis - Inzektor and Battleswasp
  • Międzywymiarowi intruzi - Dream Mirror, Nemeses i Metaphys
  • Space Invaders - Robak i Graydle
  • Invulnerable iron wings - Raidraptor
  • Plastic Iron Core - Koa'ki Meiru
  • Justice Before Attribute - Ally of Justice and Flamvell
  • Light Justice - Lightsworn
  • Acquaintance of the Mythlords - Endymion and the Mythical Beast
  • Legends of Old - Ancient Warriors, Fairy Tale i Fairy Tail
  • Life finds a way - Evol and Myutant
  • Life force control system - Qli and Infernoid
  • Splendor of Angels - Valkyrie
  • Grimoire Mastery - Prophecy
  • Miraculous Advent - Megalith, Herald, Impcantation and Ritual Monsters
  • Cheeky Ghosts - Ghostrick
  • Monster Overdrive - Armed Dragon i LV
  • Moonlit Avian Dance - Lunalight en Lyrilusc
  • Mother Nature's Trap - Traptrix and Gat
  • Natural selection - cubic and pre-plant
  • Cyclone Nebula - Photon and Galaxy
  • Neo Space Comrades - Neo-Spacian i Elemental HERO
  • Number Reminder - Number One Numeron
  • Onomatopair-Up - Zubaba, Gagaga, Gogogo and Dododo
  • Mother of Pearl Cyber ​​​​Dragons - Cyber ​​​​Dragon i Cyberdark
  • Pledge of Sword - X-Saber i Poker Knights
  • Piercing Winds - Smorgh, Misty Vale and Yosenju
  • Prank panic! - Prank-Kids, Ojama i Duston
  • Advancement of Prehistoric Beasts - Dinosaur and Jurrac
  • Primordial Origin - Fossil, Paleozoic and Triamid
  • Porzucony Pyroxene - Gem-Knight i Adamancipator
  • Fast Flip Planes - Mecha Phantom Beast and Machina
  • Mirror World Rites - Gishki i Nekroz
  • Roaring Thunder - Thunder Dragon and Watt
  • Nexus Rei - Rei
  • Destruction Awakens - Nephthys, King of Fire and Unchained
  • Dark Rulers - Dark World, Lair of Darkness i Virus
  • Rulers of the Deep - Umi i Phantasm Spiral
  • Savage Crimson Dragon - Red Dragon Resonator and Archfiend
  • Scientific Analysis - Magnet Warrior, Bonding and Chemicritter
  • Scrap Iron Soldiers - Junk, Warrior i Synchron
  • Secret warriors - SPYRAL and Super Quant
  • Seedling Soul Frey - Sylvan i Sunavalon
  • Witchcraft Hunters - Magistus, Invoked i Witchcrafter
  • Duma rekina - Hai
  • Switching - Geargia, Gadget i Symphonic Warrior
  • Filmed through fiction - Rokket
  • Hidden Heroes - HERO OF FATE and HERO OF VISION
  • One Hit - Sky Striker and Mathmech
  • Flying on the darkest wings - Blackwing
  • Storm Troopers - Code Talker, Cyberse i Cynet
  • Souls of Sublime Gods — Cyber ​​​​Angel, Shinobird i Dual Avatar
  • Transcendent space-time - S-Force, Time Thief and PSY-Frame
  • Spiritual Mastery - Conjurer
  • Stardust ties - Synchron and Stardust
  • Star Futures - Crusadia, Orcust and World Legacy
  • Supernatural Elements - Monarch and Sword of Elements
  • Sword of the Seventh - Star Seraph i Umbral Horror
  • Synchronous Mode Change - Assault Mode, fusion monsters that trade synchronous monsters as material
  • Terra Firma Transcendents - Earthly Immortal and Sinister
  • Blue in ivory - Blue-eyed
  • Cerise in Ebony - red eyes
  • Koszt Dark Powers - Evil Eye i Arcyfiend
  • The Darkness Amuses - Espanto i Abyss-ator
  • First Heroes - Hero of the Elements
  • Great Old Ones - Egyptian God and Exodia
  • Hidden Arts - Ninja
  • Infinite Void - Infernity
  • Those who oppose the kings - Metalfoes, Crystron and Zoodiac
  • Success with three tricks - Gouki and Ritual Beast
  • Timeworm Legacy - Chronomalia
  • Toontastic - Clove me garlic
  • Tournament Athletes - U.A. and fa
  • Cheating Tradition - Karakuri and Gizmek
  • Transformed heroes - Evil HERO, Masked HERO and Xtra HERO
  • Transforming technology - Morphtronic
  • Valiant Gladiator Beats - Gladiatorbeest
  • Liberty Ships - Fur Hire and Loot Patrol
  • Brinquedos Warp-Speed ​​​​- Speedroid
  • Legendary warriors - Gaia, the fierce knight and Blader Buster
  • Warriors unite! - Amazons and War Rock
  • Rewind Soldiers - Rewinder i Deskbot
  • A world shrouded in magical power - Holy Beast, Evil God, Entity and Yubel
  • Worthy opponents - Subterror and Generaider
  • Lust for Evil Flesh - Iswarm

This is how you getYuGiOh Championship Matchsecret packages, and now you should know where to find them and how to make them appear.

Don't forget to see how to do itYuGiOh Master Duel crossplaywork.

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How do you get the secret pack in Yugioh? ›

In order to unlock secret packs, you'll need to first obtain Super Rare (SR) or Ultra Rare (UR) cards from the game's booster packs. A key for that secret pack is then awarded to the player, which can then be used to open the pack. Keys can also be obtained from completing missions in the game's story mode.

What are the best secret packs on Yu-Gi-Oh duel Masters? ›

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Top 10 Secret Packs
  • Mother Nature's Snare. ...
  • Fiendish Encounter. ...
  • Celestial Dragon and Bear. ...
  • Cross-Dimensional Contracts. ...
  • Enchanted Threads of Shade. ...
  • Immortal Royalty. ...
  • Singular Strike Overthrow. ...
  • Moonlit Avian Dance.
Apr 10, 2022

How to get free secret packs in Master Duel? ›

If players craft a card for a Secret Pack they haven't unlocked or pulled from yet, they will receive one free pack of that Secret Pack. To do this, players just need to craft a single SR that has a Secret Pack associated with them. Certain cards that are in multiple Secret Packs will unlock free packs for all of them.

What cards unlock secret packs? ›

Secret packs are unlocked whenever you obtain a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card. You can get these cards by crafting them or from booster packs, including the secret packs themselves. Be aware that obtaining a Super Rare card only unlocks a secret pack—you need to use 100 gems to buy it.

What is the rarest Yugioh Pack? ›

These are the world's most expensive and rare Yugioh cards:

Blue-Eyes White Dragon LOB 1st Edition – $85,000. Dark Magician LOB 1st Edition – $85,000. Crush Card Virus Shonen Jump Championship 2007 – $50,000.

What is the strongest Yugioh card in master duel? ›

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel: 7 Best Staple Spell Cards
  1. 1 Upstart Goblin.
  2. 2 Called by the Grave. ...
  3. 3 Cosmic Cyclone. ...
  4. 4 Super Polymerization. ...
  5. 5 Lightning Storm. ...
  6. 6 Harpie's Feather Duster. ...
  7. 7 Pot of Extravagance. ...
  8. 8 Forbidden Droplet. ...
Feb 21, 2023

What are the odds of getting a secret pack in master duel? ›

Secret Packs are normally hidden, but can be temporarily unlocked for 24 hours by obtaining keys. Like most packs in Master Duel, all Secret Packs cost 100 Gems to purchase.
Ultra Rare (UR)2.50%
Super Rare (SR)7.50%
Rare (R)35.00%
Common (N)55.00%

What is the strongest deck in Yu-Gi-Oh master duel? ›

Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel decks 2023
  • Runick.
  • Floowandereeze.
  • Mathmech.
  • Branded Despia.
  • D/D/D.
Feb 15, 2023

Does master duel have codes? ›

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel codes can be used to grant players free Packs and Gems, perfect for building out your dream deck. Here are all of the codes that are known to work in Master Duel for May 2023.

How many master duel secret packs are there? ›

Master Duel secret pack list would include over 150 entries, so we've decided to highlight the top ten sets that contribute to the best Yu-Gi-Oh!

What secret pack is Cyber Dragon in Master Duel? ›

Pearlescent Cyber Dragons

How do you unlock dark magician pack Master Duel? ›

Once an SR or UR Card is obtained, duelists will reveal their matching secret pack. For example, if players unlock the Dark Magician Ultra Rare Card, then they will get a Key for the Darkest Magics secret pack. Similarly, if players crafted an SR or UR Card, they will also unlock the Key that leads to its secret pack.

How do you unlock all cards in Master Duel? ›

How to unlock cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel
  1. Buying packs with gems.
  2. Generating cards with craft points.
  3. Completing Missions.
  4. Completing Solo Mode duels.
  5. Playing Ranked duels online.
Jan 25, 2022

Are secret packs worth it in Master Duel? ›

If you want to build a deck centered around a certain archetype, Secret Packs are the way to go. There's a very good chance of opening a good number of staples, and you'd Dismantle what you don't need to finish the deck anyway, the same way you'd do with cards from Master Packs.

What is a secret Pack in Yugioh? ›

A Secret Pack is a type of card pack in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. These packs are based around a theme, which is typically 1 or more archetypes, and pull from a featured card pool of 40 or fewer cards to help build a Deck based around that theme, in addition to several cards from the Master Pack.

What is the chance of getting a secret rare in Yugioh? ›

Secret Rares were discontinued after the Soul of the Duelist packs due to excessive use of electronic scales, however, they have been re-introduced in Strike of Neos. The odds of getting a Secret Rare in a Booster Pack was 1:31 before the release of The Shining Darkness, when the ratio changed to 1:23.

How do you get the Stardust secret Pack? ›

Stardust Ties is a Secret Pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Available in-game from the onset of the video game's release, it is only accessible for 24 hours each time the player obtains an appropriate Key Card.

How do you unlock the dark magician Pack? ›

Once an SR or UR Card is obtained, duelists will reveal their matching secret pack. For example, if players unlock the Dark Magician Ultra Rare Card, then they will get a Key for the Darkest Magics secret pack. Similarly, if players crafted an SR or UR Card, they will also unlock the Key that leads to its secret pack.


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