Stella's Tomb Raider Jubilee Walkthrough -Windows PC, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360 i Nintendo Wii

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SAVINGS AND CHECKPOINTS:Checkpoints are places in each level where the game automatically saves your game. They are listed inazuland numbered step by step in the text to correspondavailable for download. (Note that the number and location of checkpoints may vary slightly for a Nintendo Wii game.) While manual saving is also possible, the save system in Anniversary is significantly different from the older Tomb Raider games, and differs from TR Legendary's storage system in various forms. Lookbirthday checkspage for details. This may save you a lot of frustration while going through Lara's latest adventure.


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women:7Supply:22 (23)* Other:SEAL OF ANUBIS, EYE OF HORUSA, ANKH OF ISIS, and SCARAB OF OSIRIS (also 4 COGS - Wii version only)
artifacts:4corpse:0Scrubbing Rewards:1(**)
With time:18:15(***)

OBELISK - EYE OF HORUS SWITCH I Artifact:vanCHECKPOINT 1at the foot of the ramp we enter a sunny courtyard. In the center of this open area is a tall, square obelisk. Go right, take one.small medical kitbehind the column closest to the switch, then use the buttontrocarknock down one of the fourbridgeswhich leads from the side areas to the obelisk. It's also liberatingCHECKPOINT 2.

NOwii gamethis isgear puzzle. missingGEARit is close to the ground. Place it on the gear panel and rearrange the gears to make the mechanism work again. Then pull the switch to lower the bridge.

Get on the bridge and take itOKO HORUSAobelisk.CHECKPOINT 3records when you do.

There are three similar artifacts on the other sides of the obelisk. Getting the rest will be a little more complicated. You don't have to explore the side areas in a specific order. Only one possible sequence is described in this guide.

Walk down the bridge into the pool below. Exit the water to the ledge with the ladder. (This leads back to the entrance, but don't go up yet.) Take some50 caliber magazineson one of the columns on this side of the basin. Swim to the other side for onesmall medical kitbehind the next column. There's a recess with a switch on one side, but you can't get into it because of the solid bars. Instead, go through the door lined with Ankh symbols just above the waterline on the other side of the pool.

TRAP CORRIDOR:Follow the corridor toCHECKPOINT 4. To goblock spadaforward, stay a few steps from the stone door. Then, when they close completely, run towards them and Lara should be safely through when they start to open. Go through one small room to anotherblock spada. Continue the same way as before and go todouble block droppast. To get around this one, walk up to it and keep running as soon as the first set of blocks starts to open.CHECKPOINT 5records after entering the next room.

THE THRONE ROOM IN THE RUINS:This high room has several shelves upstairs. You are well on your way to the top. But first a small company. Go across the room to the stage withgolden ankh switchback. NONintendo Wiigame, on the wall to the left of the throne you will find aFISH REWARDS(9/12) named "Harvest.” All versions of the game come with a boxshotgun ammunitionon the floor behind the stage.

When you're ready to proceed, get on the stage and jumptrocar. Lara's weight pulls him down and triggers the release mechanismsquare columnacross the room. Once you regain control of Lara, jump the switch to land on the stage, then run across the room and jump to the top of the column. You have to go fast before it gets up again. Lead him as far as possible.

Turn left and do a running jump to grab onto the horizontal pole. Turn around, jump and grab the wall in front of you. Jump twice to reach the highest of the three handles. Jump back to catch him.extendable edgebehind Lara. Quickly climb up, jump over two sections of this ledge before it slides down the wall, then jump over to the ledge in the corner further away.

Turn right and do a running jump to grab onto the broken ledge running through the middle of the room. This jump can be a little tricky to do the first time. It's a good idea to back off the ledge a bit, run and jump on the ledge, and then hold down the jump key as long as possible. Climb up and repeat the same type of jump to the ledge by the opposite wall.

OBSERVATION:The artifact at the top of this room is one of the silver tablets you can collect to unlock additional content in the game, not one of the four special artifacts needed to complete this level (e.g. SEAL OF ANUBIS, EYE OF HORUS, ANKH OF ISIS, and OSIRIS SCARAB) . If you are not interested in receiving bonuses, take your time to get to the top of the room.

TIME FOR Artifact #1:Walk around the pile of rubble and use ittrocarextendhorizontal polefar above. (This is one of three you'll use while climbing, all shown here.screenshot.) This post will be hidden in the wall after about a minute and a half (1:40 including the cutscene showing the location of the post). In order to reach the top-level artifact before the pole goes back, you'll need to hurry. You can do a few practice runs at an easy pace first. If you're really running for time, don't hesitate and make sure you do ittap on an interaction to level up fasteras Lara hangs from the ledge and climbs up sideways.

Here is the procedure (inclscreen shotsin case you need them): Pull ontrocar, wait for the cutscene to end, then run to the other side of the ledge. Keep running, turning right, jump off the ledge and grab onto the left side of the long, broken ledge in the middle of the room. Climb up, grab the lower handle on the square pillar in front of you and jump to the upper handle. Climb right and jump back across the gap to grab the top of the broken square pillar behind you. Climb to the other side and jump back again to catch another square pole with a sloping top. Climb right then jump to grab the top of the leaning column. Climb up and then jump right to grab onto the horizontal boulder on the wall. (it's just above the rounddart tube.) Swing and jump to the long ledge in front of you. In fact, you don't need to rotate the mast. It's faster to just grab it and then hit the jump button again to jump off the pole before Lara can go around it.

If you land on the edgeCHECKPOINT 6documentation. If you've made it this far without much hesitation, turn right and run along the ledge to the farthest corner.

(Video) TOMB RAIDER 1 Silver Jubilee Walkthrough OBELISK OF KHAMOON (All Secrets, No Meds, Tips) [PC]

IMPORTANT: If Lara dies during the second stage of the race, the game is reloaded at 6 CHECKPOINTS; however, the post above has been retracted on the wall. When that happens, just hang from the edge of the long ledge with the control point and then lower yourself to the ledge using the lever (as shown in this picture).screenshot) and try again.

Running from CONTROL POINTS 6 to the other end of the long ledge, jump up and grab onto the bottom of the two handles. Jump on the highest one and then jump back to catch the sliding shelf.

Climb up, run across the ledge that goes back to the wall, and jump to grab onto the narrow ledge that runs through the center of the room. Try to aim at the narrow part of the ledge right in front of the square column. If you aim to the left side of the column, Lara can landopledge instead of grabbing it, and you'll need an extra second to go back and hang. Go right and climb up next to the column. Then run to the other side and grab onto the ledge when Lara falls.

After grabbing the edge of this ledge, the large colorful mural on the wall will be behind Lara, and the alcove with the switch will be straight ahead and downstairs. Climb to the left (i.e. continue to the center of the room). When you reach the end of the ledge, jump to grab onto the railing above. Jump up again as if you were trying to grab onto the railing above. Lara can't reach it and it will fall back to the basement where you started.

IMPORTANT:Jumping towards a support you can't catch seems like a pointless maneuver, but for some reason it allows you to make another move with almost 100% success. If you try to jump back and grab the ring without first jumping to the highest fulcrum, the gripper will usually not engage. Try it if you don't believe me. At this point, I give my highest praise and gratitude to Jason G. and Invader for bringing this movement to my attention.

Now move away from the pillar to the painted wall behind Lara. Jump back and quickly press Grapple to pin the metal ring to the wall above the mural. He ends up hanging from a rope with his feet slightly below the bottom of the mural. Adjust the length of the cord so that the feet are at the bottom of the central character's kilt or slightly lower. (Check againscreen shotsif you need a visual.) The wall runs back and forth several times to build momentum. Then jump left to grab onto the railing in the corner.(OBSERVATION:If you are climbing a wall, it can be helpful to keep the camera perpendicular to the wall and directly behind Lara. So if you press Left + Jump, she will jump that way instead of back.)

Walk away from the corner past this basement and tap the interaction all the way to go faster. Finally, bend over and jump to grab another handle, slightly higher on the same wall. Quickly climb left until Lara is underground.dart tube. Jump back to grab the top of the square pillar behind you.Do not fall.If you do, Lara will not be able to make another move.Don't climb to the top of the columnor Lara will interferepushing. Instead, climb over to the other side of the pillar and jump back to grab the bottom handle on the next square pillar. Climb up to the right so that Lara is at the pillar, away from the roadflying darts. Jump three times until it is on top of the column.

Now turn left and look ahead.If you're trying to reach an artifact and the right horizontal post has already slid into the wall, don't go any further.. Instead, manually save your game (or kill Lara), reload at CHECKPOINT 6, and release the switch on the shelf (as shown in this picture).screenshot). Then you can try again.

If you don't try to get the artifact, go forward and jump on the stone ledge, climb it, turn left and swing on the ledge by the exit.

When the rod is still pulled out, do a running jump to catch the ledge in front of you, go up, turn right and do another running jump to catch the pole. Swing and jump to the ledge in front of you. You are now directly over the switch you started with.Artifact No. 1(30/44) is in the middle of the ledge behind a pile of small dark stones. (In the Wii game, the artifact is hidden behind a wall. Use the pickaxe to break it and collect the reward.) Picking it up triggers itCHECKPOINT 7. At this point, the horizontal post remains extended. So you don't have to rush. Go back to the end of the ledge, jump to grab the bar and lean back to the stone ledge.

OBSERVATION:I came onea potentially useful bug in a Wii game. During the time trial I was too slow and the pole retracted. Thinking of coming back later to try again, I went to the next checkpoint, saved my game, and left. When I restarted the game the horizontal bar came out and I was able to hit the artifact without doing a time run. I have no idea if this always works, but it might be worth a try if you're having trouble here.

From the stone ledge between the two horizontal pillars, do a running jump to grab the pillar closest to the ledge with the wide ladder. Swing and jump on that ledge. That's itCHECKPOINT 8. Before you go up the stairs, get itGroot's medical packover the edge. Climb the stairs and get ready for battle.

COLUMN-LINED DUST ROOM:Acat mummylurk in the next room. Move and shoot while trying to prevent Lara from being knocked down. death triggersCHECKPOINT 9.

GANG MET TRICKY PIT & TRAPS:Go to the other side of this room. A little further there is a shallow well. Jump down and go to the end of the well to get itsmall medical kitEmshotgun grenades. Go back to the end where you fell and climb the ladder to the ledge. ABOUT2 horizontal postsabove the pit, they begin to descend as soon as Lara catches them. To get to the other side, you must jump to the first pole and immediately - before you turn even once - jump to the second pole. Then immediately jump againscarab switchon the wall of the well. Then immediately jump down to grab the upper handle. If you hesitate, you must fall, climb back to the beginning and try again. It helps to hold the Forward all the time and tap Jump quickly and repeatedly as you jump from pole to pole to reach the ledge. After reaching the support, climb to the left side and jump down to the stairs.

continue to adouble block dropsimilar to the one you found earlier. Approach the first set of blocks and run through them as soon as they start to separate. Then there's a new twist in the same trap -blocks that open and close vertically. Here you have to do a running jump through the gap when the blocks start to separate. Don't run through it or Lara will fall into the small hole the lower block enters and get trapped. Over there! Go to the end of the corridor andCHECKPOINT 10.

OBELISK - ANKH BRIDGE SWITCH:You will appear on a ledge overlooking the obelisk and pool below. Grab the short stone handle on the left side of the door while facing it. Jump up and then left into the next basement. The right part of the railing below is weak and stubborncollapseunder the weight of Lara. Then climb all the way to the left past the top rail, then drop down to grab the bottom rail in a safe place. From there, jump back to grab onto the horizontal pole. Swing and jump to the next ledge.

use attrocarto loweruseleading to the ANKH OF ISIS some distance below. This will also open the gate on the other side of that area, on the same level you are on now, and it will activate.CHECKPOINT 11.

NONintendo Wiiversion, the switch is one insteadgear puzzle. take itGEARfrom the ground, insert it into the panel and move the gears to complete the mechanism. Then pull the switch to lower the bridge.

Jump back onto the pole, swing on the handles and return to the door you entered this area through. Now do a running jump to grab the handle on the other side of the door. Approach the door and tap Interact to quickly go through the doorparts in ruinsshelfs.

CORRIDOR WITH ROTARY KNIFE TRAPS:Follow the corridor to afalling spinning knife. Run or roll between the two blades as they retreat into the walls. Then there is a shallow depression with a horizontal bar in the middle and another setspinning blades. Do a running jump to grab the bar as the blades start backing into the walls. Don't turn all the way, just grab and immediately jump again to free the pole and grab the other side of the pit. Pull it and follow the corridor toCHECKPOINT 12.

RAMP TO THE STAIRS ROOM:Zmetal ringon the wall in front of him he has moved back so you can't catch him yet. Drive down the long slope to land on the short slope below. Slide down to the ground and aim at it right awaycat mummystay right. If you circle left and keep shooting, you'll probably be able to take him out before he reaches Lara. take itshotgun grenadeson the floor and2 small first aid kits- one in a small niche with two entrances, one to the left of three raised niches. (There is an add-onsmall medipackin a Wii game on the floor in plain view).

Enter the raised alcove on the right and use ittrocarTo turn the ramp into block steps, open the two barred doors and pull the metal ring on the wall near the entrance.CHECKPOINT 13records after making these changes.

I putmovable blockExit the small alcove and go behind the block to find another one.small medical kit. Climb onto the block and jump to grab onto the railing above. Jump on the railing above, then jump left and grab onto the metal ring above. Run back and forth on the wall and jump left to grab the corner. if youscarab switchinstead, quickly jump down to the basement before the switch goes too low. Climb left and jump over to the ledge.

Climb up the stepped blocks to reachSMG clipsEmsmall medical kit. The top step is too high to reach, so jump down and head to the right corner of the ledge.

WALL STEPS ON ROTARY BARS:Climb onto the handles and press the Back button (or Down on the analog stick) to lean towards the center of the room. This allows you to userotating bladeon the wall behind Lara and on the metal hook above her. Jump up and grab the hook just as the blade retracts. If possible, run left behind the blade and, without going back to the right, jump to grab it.scarab switchon the wall. Immediately jump up to grab onto the top handle. (If you jump and grab just as the blade starts to retract, you'll have plenty of time to jump left, right, and left again before the blade extends again. Of course, it's safer to do it from behind. Once you can do it.)

The top corner bracket cannot be reached from here. Then you have to go through anotherrotating bladeget to it. This includes the same basic tactics as before. Lean to the left and look at the blade. When he retreats, jump left and grab the metal hook above him. Wall run left then back right and jump to catch the basement above where you started (as shown in thisscreenshot). If you screw up, Lara should grab where you started to try again. Just don't try to run back and forth more than once or the blade will extend, shortening Lara's flight (and life).

Once you reach the outpost in the corner above where you started, jump to grab onto the top one. Lean back to look behind Lara. this wall has2 rotating bladesand a metal hook. Wait for the first blade to go back to the wall, then jump back, grab the grappling hook, swing right and immediately jump to grab the handle behind the second blade. Try not to go back to where you started, because the blades will cut the cable and Lara will fall.

Climb to the right, climb the step and climb to the upper left corner of the step to activate itCHECKPOINT 14. wow! Good job!

Artifact No. 2:(The sequence below is illustrated in sequencescreen shots.) From this ladder, which was the ramp you entered this room, you can see the artifact on top of the broken ladder under the second metal ring. That's where you're going. Jump on the second step from the top and do a running jump to grab the first ring in the upper left corner. If necessary, adjust the length of the cable so that Lara's feet are just above the line between the carved and flat portions of the wall. The wall goes back and forth until Lara runs almost to the farthest corner. So next time it will swing like thatrelease the directional control briefly, then jump behind the wall and quickly grab onto the second ring at the bottom of the ledge behind it. If you're doing a time trial or just don't want the artifact, don't go down. Instead, just swing right, jump and grab the corner ledge. To get the artifact, slow down until Lara hangs on the rope above the step with the artifact. Turn it slightly to the right so that it is directly above the step and press Pato to go down. collectArtifact No. 2(31/44).

COMMENTS:If you have trouble wall jumping perpendicular to the direction Lara is swinging, you can try these sections onfarm country houseEmSan Francisco madnesshorizontal. They include step-by-step instructions with more detailed screenshots.If Lara dies after reaching the artifactbut for the next checkpoint the game will reload at CHECKPOINT 14 and you should have the artifact. Just repeat the two wall-running sequences without falling on the step the artifact was on.

After picking up the artifact, go back to the block stairs under the entrance and the first metal ring. Perform a long jump to land on the second lowest rung (not the one in the corner, but the next one shown in the picture above).screenshot). Be sure to give Lara a good run and hold down the jump button while she's in the air, otherwise she won't make it in time.

Climb the second step from the top. Now repeat the running jump, grapple, wall run and side jump to grab the second ring. This time, instead of falling on the step where the artifact was, run along the wall and jump to catch the ledge in the right corner. (Thisscreenshotindicates the location.) Climb up the ledges and jump to grab onto the door on the left, just above the second hitch ring (shown in this picture).screenshot). Stop.

OBSERVATION:Several players reported having trouble catching the door here. I'm not sure, but I think it may be the same problem that occurs at the temple inVilcabamba-niveau. If this is true, the solutions must be the same. see footnotebelowfor details.

There is another rope ring on the ceiling in the center of this room. Ignore it. Outside this area, you take a different route.

ANUBIS STEM SWITCH GASKET:Follow the long corridor from the door to a small room overlooking the obelisk. usetrocarlower and launch the bridge for SEAL OF ANUBISCHECKPOINT 15.

NOwii gameit is differentgear puzzle. You will find what you lackGEARoutside on the mezzanine overlooking the pool. Put it on the gearbox and shift the different gears to fix the mechanism. Then pull the switch to lower the bridge.

Hang from one of the outer corners of the ledge overlooking the obelisk and drop far down into the pool. Exit the pool to the ledge with the ladder and climb it to the entrance on the left andCHECKPOINT 16(near the same place as CHECKPOINT 2).

SEAL OF ANUBIS AND ANKH ISIS:Climb the bridge leading to the EYE OF HORUS and jump onto the bridge on the right (which is one of the two you just went down). take itsmall medical kitat the door and take itSeal of ANUBISfrom his position on the obelisk, liberatingCHECKPOINT 17. Jump back onto the EYE OF HORUS bridge and from there onto the third bridge. Lead toANKH VAN ISISobelisk, liberatingCHECKPOINT 18.

The fourth bridge leading to OSIRIS SCARAB is still hidden, so now you need to find the key to lower it. Continue across the bridge leading from ANKH OF ISIS to the nearest door. GroinCHECKPOINT 19, lead tosmall medical kitand enter the room behind him.

ANOTHER TRAPPED RUNNING:Cross the bridge and follow the corridor to the next onedrop the glove. The first is somespinning blades. You can duck under it or stand to the side and follow the nearest blade as it moves away, and when it reaches the end of its trajectory, walk over to the other side and continue. The next trap is simple.holewith a wooden post. Jump to sit on the pole. Then jump to catch the edge of the abyss and climb up. jump overblock spadawhen the blocks open. There's a safe spot between this trap and the next one, so there's no need to rush. Go to the next message as inBlocksthey will open soon. Then quickly jump to the ledge in front of you. To continueCHECKPOINT 20.

ROOM WITH Mummy and Sarcophagus:Whatever happens, however beautiful and golden, however it calls you,don't be tempted by the glowing switch on the left wall. Using it does nothing. It just stretches a lotrotating bladesit will drastically hinder your progress in this room.

Instead, jump over to the small square ledge under the second step on the left. Drop down and hang from the edge of this shelf, then drop the handles down onto the small L-shaped shelf in the corner. Turn around so the wall is to Lara's left and she is facing the room. Do not go down the slope below or3 cat mummiesa peek below will catch her in no time. Instead, use the metal ring above to go through the wall to the ledge in the opposite corner.

You should be able to kill all 3 mummies here with regular guns, although you'll have to reposition the ledge a few times. If the mummies get too close to the wall and you can't lock on them with one shot, hold on to the target. Then shoot. Lara should be able to shoot them even if you can't see them. (Thisscreenshotshow this technique in action.) In a Wii game, simply hold down the camera controller (C) and use the non-Target Lock remote to aim.

From this ledge you can see the artifact in the recess above. You have to take a roundabout to get there. Drop to the floor, go through the room to the side opposite the sarcophagus with the carved jackal. Climb the door handles. That's itCHECKPOINT 21.

YES, YOU FOUND ANOTHER TRAPPED RUNNING:Follow the corridor to adouble trap with rotating blade. Before proceeding, make sure Lara has at least half health, just in case. Fortunately, this trap is not fatal unless you just stand in it and do nothing. To go through, wait around the corner of the corridor, a few steps ahead of the blades. Wait for the higher blades to get close, then run and roll under them. When Lara gets up, immediately do a running jump over the low propellers and continue.

On the next corner is Adeep wellhe knewrotating bladesand three wooden poles withcrushing blocksAbove them. Place Lara in the middle of the pit, a few steps from the edge. Touch the HUD key to move the camera behind it, and if it is not facing the front pole, adjust its position and try again. If he's standing on a pole, he's less likely to lose his balance when he falls. Since you don't have time to hit the interact key to stabilize it before each jump, this is critical. Do a running jump from the ledge to the first pole when the first set of bricks starts to fall apart. Immediately jump to the second post, then to the third, then immediately jump forward to grab the railing under the post.spinning blade. Climb to either side, wait for the blade to move to the other side of the ledge, jump to grab onto the ledge and quickly climb up.

Go down the hall to a small room. Through the barred opening, you can see the pool at the foot of the obelisk. Pulltrocarlower and unfold the bridge to OSIRIS SCARABCHECKPOINT 22.

NONintendo Wiigame is something elsegear puzzle. missingGEARit's close. Take it and use it to fix the mechanism. Then flip the gears and pull the switch to lower the bridge to SCARAB.

After the trap challenge, return to the ROOM WITH MOMMY and SARCOPHAGUS.CHECKPOINT 23registers itself on the port (same place as CHECKPOINT 21).

OBSERVATION:You can now decide if you want to deal with the remaining kills and pick-ups in the area, including the third and fourth artifacts, or head straight for the exit. Skip to the EXIT MUMMY ROOM section if you want to do that.

Artifact No. 3:From the entrance at CHECKPOINT 23, go right and do a running jump to the square ledge in the corner. Grab the handle on the wall above and climb to the left. Drop down to grab onto the railing below, then climb left past the broken section of the upper railing. Then jump to grab onto the solid part of the upper rail. Keep climbing to the left around the corner. When you reach the end of this ledge, lean forward to see the fulcrum you are aiming for. It's a good distance down and to the left. Jump left, grab and press Interact to keep Lara from falling. Go left around the corner, enter the alcove and take itArtifact No. 3(32/44). (this kitscreen shotsshows the path from the entrance to the artifact.) Drop to the ground.

Go back through the door opposite the sarcophagus. Turn left and jump again to the corner ledge. Repeat the wall climb to the next corner. This time, instead of going around the corner as you did when you found the artifact, climb up to the upper ledge. Climb up the low square step and grab the handle above it. Climb all the way to the left and then jump to grab the next bridgehead. Go left and climb up the ledge. Climb the handles on the right side to the upper ledge (as in the picture).screen shots).

Go down the corridor to the left. Around the corner at the top, turn around and head back down the corridor. Othercat mummyappears out of nowhere near the bottom of the ramp. Kill him now so he doesn't get ambushed on his way back later. Then return to the upper opening, climb onto the handles on the wall in front of you and jump back to catch the square ledge behind you (shown in the picture).screenshot). Stop.

Now look across the room at the wall to Lara's left. Do a running jump from the ledge and grab onto the metal ring above. Run up and down the wall and jump on the ledge on the right where you will findGroot's medical packEmshotgun grenades.

Artifact No. 4:The fourth artifact is on a high ledge on the other side of the room above the handles you climbed right after killing the last mummy. (Thisscreen shotsshow location and additional details on how to get there.) First jump and grab the metal ring again. Now pull the rope so that Lara's feet are just below the knees of the characters painted on the mural. Practice running back and forth to test your bow. You want to make sure that Lara manages to reach the top of the carved gray panel on the left side of the mural. You'll need to run back and forth several times to gain enough momentum to do so. If Lara does not reach this point by running as high as possible, stop running, adjust the length of the cable and try again. If she manages to run to the top of the carved panel, jump off the wall and grab onto the ledge behind it. Go up and turn right.Do not try to jump up and grab the horizontal post directly; It is very far.Instead, jump up and grab the handle on the wall between the ledge and the pole. Climb right and then jump to grab the bar. It will slide down the path in the wall, but don't worry. You do not have to rush. Wait for him to stop moving, then turn around and jump with him to the ledge.Artifact No. 4(33/44) and some50 caliber pistol ammunition.

OBSERVATION:If you're having trouble wall-running and side-jumping, see for more detailsscreenshot-page. And if you find it takes a few tries, you can skip killing mummies and picking up items on the ledge behind the entrance ring. Just remind them on the way back.

After grabbing the artifact and magazines, turn right and jump down to the lower ledge. Drop down and return to the corridor. you have to kill that onecat mummynow if you haven't already. Continue down the ramp. Turn right and lower the handles to the shelf.This edge is a bit buggy.Sometimes you try to pretend Lara stuttered a minute earlierfall to death. You can usually avoid this error by running down the ledge against the wall (as shown in thisscreen shots) and hold the edge.

When Lara hangs on the problematic ledge, climb to the right side. Jump into the next basement and climb up the ledge using the square step. Drop down and hang on the ledge, then climb right and drop down to grab the next lower anchor point. Go up to the right until you reach the broken part. Lower yourself to grab the handle below, then lower yourself to the ground. Alternatively, to avoid the problematic ledge entirely, turn around and do a long jump to the ledge in the corner you were in earlier and kill the mummies. However, Lara loses about 1/4 of her health this way, so make sure she doesn't die in the fall.

OBSERVATION:If Lara falls and dies here, you should still have both artifacts as they are captured in her profile and not in the individual save files. Press Escape/Start to check and select Level Stats from the menu. However, if you want to get all the kills and supplies, you'll have to redo everything from CONTROL POINTS 23.

LEAVING THE MUMMY'S ROOM:To get to the entrance, climb the corner block where you were when you killed the 3 mummies earlier. Use the hook to climb up the wall to the L-shaped ledge on the left. Climb the handles to the upper shelf. Do a running jump to catch the lower step on the right. pull up and passCHECKPOINT 24(same as 20).

Go back through the corridor next to youvarious trapsUnpleasantCHECKPOINT 25(same as 19) next to the obelisk where you obtained the ANKH.

SCARABEE VAN OZYRYS:Do a running jump to the bridge on the left and take it offSCARABEE VAN OZYRYSfrom his place on the obelisk. This will open the underwater gate at the base of the obelisk and activate itCHECKPOINT 26. Go across the SCARAB bridge to the ledge and pick up the chestshotgun grenadesthis issmall medical kitnear two columns.

Jump into the pool and swim through the newly opened gate. Swim down and then forward along a straight passageway with niches on either side. At the end of the passage, swim to a small chamber where you can resurface. Get on the shelf, take onesmall medical kitEmmini SMG community. Then pulltrocarto open the top hatch which is actually the base of one of the pharaoh statues in KHAMOON TEMPLE. That's itCHECKPOINT 27.

Climb the ladder and go straight past the statues then left through the door. Follow the corridor back toOPEN SPACE WITH TWO Sphinxes.

Acentaurwait for you outside on the right. Don't worry; this one is much easier to kill than his tough friends guarding Tihocan's tomb. he swingsfire ballsso watch out for them. Once you're dead, approach the obelisk and place each of the four artifacts - SEAL OF ANUBIS, EYE OF HORUS, ANKH OF ISIS and SCARAB OF OSIRIS - in the right place to open the exit and end the level.

UPDATED STORY:06/25/07 - The first version of the walkthrough has been posted online.
06/26/07 - Added a checkpoint 22 save and noted two health kits I found in the game but didn't include in the walkthrough. oops!
11/26/07 - Added some shortcuts and other suggestions from other players, including dropping the ANUBIS SWITCH directly on SEAL OF ANUBIS and ANKH OF ISIS which resulted in checkpoints being renumbered from 16. Courtesy of Mal, Sami and Wiek for this tip. Other contributions are listed below. It also includes additional screenshots and explanations for several sections, as well as a bug fix below.
11/2/08 - Added Nintendo Wii release notes and some other minor changes for clarity. The numbering system for Artifacts, Relics, and Attrition has also been changed as explained in the comment below.
2/16/08 - Fixed left/right confusion after checkpoint 23 thanks to Jeffrey.
4/29/08 - Added save files and Mac information. Thanks to Andrew W. and Chris H.
11/6/08 - Fixed the second item of the bug fix below related to enabling full screen effects. Thanks Nico for this suggestion.
11/8/10 - Added a glowing timeline shortcut for the first artifact, thanks to independent guidance from Jason G. and Invader.
4/22/09 - TRA Flight patch link added in bug fix below.
4/2/19 - Added fix #3 to enable vertical sync with YouTube tip from Zegzav posted by Marc O.

THANKS:Thanks to Bobly, Invader, Jane S., Jason G., Jeffrey, Mal, Robert S., Rowan, Sami and Wiek for their help on this level.

*QUANTITY NOTE:IN THE SLOPE-TO-STEPS ROOM in the Nintendo Wii game there is an additional doctor outfit.

**INFO ABOUT Artifacts, Relics, and SCRUBBING REWARDS:Finding artifacts and relics (previously called "secrets") unlocks various perks such as clothing and concept art. The Nintendo Wii game also features "friction rewards" in some levels. I have numbered each of these bonuses in the walkthrough. For example, "Artifact #2 (10/44)" means it is the second artifact in that particular level, and the tenth of the 44 artifacts in the entire game. Please see itJubilee awardspage for more information on this.

***TIME TEST:Once you complete a level, you can replay it in time trial mode to unlock the cheats. For more information, seetime trialsEmawardsPages. Consult Eldin for help in beating this level's time trialKhamoon Obelisk Time Trial Tips.

POSSIBLE FIXES FOR STREP SPACE GRIP ON TOP OF THE RAMP:If you encounter a bug where Lara is not grabbing onto the ledge under the door when she jumps off the corner ledge (as shown in thisscreenshot). Assuming it's the same error asVilcabamba-niveauhere are some possible solutions:

  1. Lower screen resolutionin the Options menu. You may need to experiment a bit to see which setting works best for you, but if you have a very high resolution or widescreen monitor, a lower setting may be sufficient.
  2. Turn off "Full Screen Effects".in the Options menu. Or try turning it back on if you've turned it off before.
  3. Postdoctoral V-Syncafter configuration. (screenshot)
  4. If during the installation of the game you encountered the problem that the installation is stuck at 95%, follow the instructionsEidos Support Sitereinstall. This can solve many problems, including this one.
  5. If none of the above options help, you're welcomemy downloadbest state of the gameto the next checkpoint.Macintosh and Wii store filesare also availableHere. (Instructions are also included in the downloadsHere.)
  6. ForDownload Steamversion of the game (and others if the solutions above don't work), give it a trypatch with birthday flightto make Lara avoid the problematic place. Details can be found on mineTRA downloadsside.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING SAVED FILES:The PC save files associated with this guide contain instructions for use. Additional save files can be found in a separate filebirthday record page. Note that my saves were made with the North American DVD version of the game. As far as I know they are compatible with most other DVD versions as well as the Direct2Drive download version. SheWe canNOwork with some unofficial versionsthat use different source code. Saves for any torrent version are available on mybirthday record page.

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WAS THIS STEP BY STEP HELPFUL? If not, I apologize and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you need help right away, I recommend itForum Square Enix Tomb Raideror any other bulletin board listed at the If this site has been helpful, please consider contributing financially or otherwise. For more information, As always, thanks for the corrections/suggestions. Thanks!

Copyright © 2007- - Stellalune (). All rights reserved. The screenshots and videos included here were created usingFrapsy. You may copy or print this guide for personal use. Please share with your friends but add this credit limit so people can send me their comments. No part of this guide may be reproduced on any other website without permission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. Click this link for details on this siteadvertising and privacy policy.

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