Will the Halo: MCC 120 FPS update for Xbox Series X finally wipe the memory of the Xbox One's launch? (2023)

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  • Will the Halo: MCC 120 FPS update for Xbox Series X finally wipe the memory of the Xbox One's launch?

It's not Halo Infinite, but it's a start. Will the launch of Halo: MCC on Xbox Series X fix the bugs related to the failed launch of the collection on Xbox One?

Will the Halo: MCC 120 FPS update for Xbox Series X finally wipe the memory of the Xbox One's launch? (1)PortaJoão Saavedra | |

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Will the Halo: MCC 120 FPS update for Xbox Series X finally wipe the memory of the Xbox One's launch? (2)

While fans will not understandinfinite haloas a launch title on the first day the Xbox Series X/S launches on November 10, Microsoft offered Xbox fans a glimmer of hope earlier this week. Those who buy one of the two next-gen Xbox consoles and already own a copy of itHalo: The Master Chief Collection or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass to enjoy the new optimized versionsheathGet it for free.

"Optimized for Xbox Series X/S" EditionHi MCKit will run at resolutions up to 4K on Series X and up to 120fps, which is a huge upgrade that should result in noticeable graphical improvements on consoles. Not exactly next generationsheathan experience Xbox fans were looking forward to when the Xbox Series X was first revealed, but it's certainly better than nothing.

Time to dust off old Needler.

✅ Fully optimized in the X|S series
✅ 120 FPS in Campaign and Multiplayer
✅ Improvements to split screen and up to 4K on the X series
✅ Available for free to current owners or people with@XboxGamePassNovember 17pic.twitter.com/Ufusdsyd8C

(Video) Xbox Series X Gets 4k/120fps Halo At Launch - IGN Daily Fix
— Xbox (@Xbox)October 20, 2020

One secHi MCKpopular on multiple platforms for some time thanks to the excellent PC ports released so far, the "Optimized for Xbox Series X/S" version gives the title something even more meaningful: a second chance to release on consoles and a chance to right the wrongs of the game's Xbox One release in November 2014.

For those of you who don't remember, the premiere of Xbox OneHi MCKit didn't go exactly as planned. Originally released as a numbered collection of the first foursheathtitles -Halo: Evolved Combat,halo 2,halo 3, EmHalo 4Master Chief Collectionnot only introduced graphically updated ports of the first two parts to Xbox One, but also unified them.sheathnext-gen multiplayer fans under one roof. Finally, fans could enjoy all erassheathplay multiplayer with your friends or personalize your competition with one or two titles. most importantly,sheathfans could relive the excitementsheathLAN party on new hardware. At least that's how it should be.

One secHalo 2: AnniversaryThe remastered campaign and fully recreated cutscenes (courtesy of Blur Studios) were excellent, the online multiplayer component of four games in one, the biggest highlight of the launch for newcomers and veterans alike, came as a buggy mess. The main problem was the matchmaking system, which can hardly be described as "functional" in the first weeks after launch. Launching online multiplayer meant a long wait as the server barely fit in the crowded lobby. In most cases, your search for other players ended in failure, forcing you to start the quest again. During those first few weeks, many players spent more time organizing matchmaking than successfully joining the lobby.


Announcement - continued below

The Xbox One launch was such a mess that Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, had to apologize for the state of the game within weeks of the title's release. Back in December 2014, with online matchmaking issues yet to be resolved, Microsoft apologized again, this time offering a bunch of free stuff, including a free month of Xbox Live and a copy of Xbox OneHalo 3: EPISODEfor those who boughtHi MCK. Microsoft has spoiled what should have been a big celebration of its flagship series before releasing a new one.Halo 5: GuardiansNext year.

(Video) Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass] [Optimized] [120fps]

Fortunately, the editor took the time to do a PC port.Hi MCKwhich you can get now on Steam and the Microsoft Store. All titles in the collection, including the newly added onehello: beech, went through a lengthy phase of testing on PC, allowing select players and developers to debug, tweak matchmaking, and fix balance issues ahead of the full game release.

Overall, Microsoft has done a great job with most of its features.sheathgames for PC enthusiasts. One secHi MCKmass-released on PC, Thesteam cardsthe tracker shows that the number of concurrent players has decreased significantly. But that's less of an indictment of the quality of the PC port and more of the fact that the collection is nearly six years old at this point. The fact that the collection was able to hold its own even on PC after a tarnished history on consoles is impressive enough.

see more information


Halo Infinite: Zeta Halo 07 installation and setup explained

Meanwhile, Xbox fans are wondering what's next.infinite halo. Some believe that Microsoft has already squandered a great opportunity to revitalize the series and give the next-gen Xbox a strong start. The release of what some would call a "dubious" gameplay trailer in July andanother delay to the game until 2021putsheathThe future for some fans lies in dark territory. For some, history repeats itself.

It was originally intended to be the first launch title for the Xbox Series X/Ssheathfrom then on, the installation started with the new XboxHi, whatThe match was postponed "to give the team enough time to make itsheatha gaming experience that lives up to our vision.” Studio 343 boss Chris Lee said in a letter to fans that he was forced to make the decision due to the "constant fallout from Covid that affects us all year round". That makes sense, of course. The entire industry has been affected in one way or another by the pandemic, and as a result there is no shortage of gaming delays. Already,infinite haloperhaps the most important delay of all, the planned launch title has now left the stage with a vague 2021 stamp.

at the same time there is no shortagerumors and speculationson what went on behind the scenes with 343, including the incredibly far-fetched rumor that Microsoft is in talks to release the originalsheathdeveloper Bungie to make a (dream) game, maybe we should all consider delay to be a good thing. Perhaps 343 and Microsoft know they're not ready to deliver a quality product just yet, and instead of putting it on the shelves unfinished and promising fans that the experience will improve over time, they're taking the time to make a game that's worth itsheathname. Of course they don't want anotherHi MCKa fiasco on your hands, especially not so fast in the new console generation. A little patience may be in your best interest.


(Video) Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox Series S Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass] [Optimized] [120fps]

Announcement - continued below

For now, Xbox fans have a new version at their disposalHi MCKexpected on Xbox Series X/S. I hope Microsoft will do its best this time.

Optimized versionHalo: The Master Chief Collectionpremieres on November 17 on Xbox Series X/S.


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Will the Halo: MCC 120 FPS update for Xbox Series X finally wipe the memory of the Xbox One's launch? (4)


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Does the MCC run at 120 fps on Xbox Series X? ›

Halo: The Master Chief Collection runs up to 4K 120FPS on Xbox Series X.

Is Halo Reach 120FPS on Series X? ›

A free update will ensure Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, ODST and Reach have been fully optimised for both consoles, with them being capable of reaching a stunning 4K/120fps on the Xbox Series X.

How many GB is Master Chief Collection Series X? ›

Halo Infinite is not the Biggest Halo Game

Despite this humongous file size, Halo Infinite will not be the biggest Halo edition of the series when it comes to install size. Halo: The Master Chief Collection with a whopping 138GB size currently holds this honor.

What is the next generation update for Master Chief Collection? ›

The next-gen upgrade will also allow players to adjust the game's field of view and enjoy split-screen improvements. The Master Chief Collection players will get to experience all of this in up to 4K on the Series X. The update will be free for anyone who already owns the game or is an Xbox Game Pass member.

What resolution is Halo MCC 120fps? ›

The “Optimized for Xbox Series X/S” edition of Halo: MCC will run at up to 4K resolution on Series X and up to 120 frames per second, a big upgrade that should result in noticeable graphical improvements on consoles.

How do I enable 120 fps on MCC? ›

To do this, head into settings and then “TV and Display Options.” Here you'll be able to adjust the resolution, but for performance you'll want to go into the video mode option and select 120hz. Your TV or monitor will need to support it, and for 4K 120fps you'll need to be sure your set has HDMI 2.1.

Does Halo Infinite support 120hz on Xbox? ›

Looking for a definitive list of Xbox Series X 120fps games? Microsoft's diminutive tower of power can play an impressive amount of games at super-fast, high frame rates, and it's the console with the most 120fps compatible games by some margin.

How old is the Master Chief in Halo? ›

11 Halo: Master Chief (Age 41, Height 7'2'', Born March 7) John-117, or otherwise known as Master Chief, is the most well-known Spartan-II to ever live. Saving the human race not once but twice, John is a decorated war veteran for his consistent courage and immense skill.

How tall is Master Chief? ›

The Master Chief stands about 7 feet (2.13 m) tall and weighs 1,000 pounds (450 kg) in armor; without it, he stands 6 feet, 10 inches (2.08 m) tall and weighs 287 pounds (130 kg).

Does Master Chief Collection have FPS boost? ›

Both the campaign mode and multiplayer will be playable at 120fps, or double what you can currently achieve on the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. On the Xbox Series X, the split-screen mode for local multiplayer is also getting improved for up to 4K resolution.

Is Halo Master Chief Collection shutting down? ›

This month Microsoft will be sunsetting the online servers that housed so many memories for so many gamers. It truly is the end of an era for Halo and Xbox 360. All Halo games that have housed online services on Xbox 360 will be shutting down come January 13, 2022.

Did they fix the Master Chief Collection? ›

Resolved Issues

The following changes were made in the April 27, 2022 patch. Improvements to Classic Audio in Halo: Combat Evolved. Rockets in Halo 2 Classic multiplayer now correctly lock onto and track vehicles. All players are now visible in Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer matches.

What is Master Chief's new AI name? ›

"The Weapon" (AI Serial Number: CTN 0453-0) is the moniker of an artificial intelligence. She was created as an exact copy of the AI Cortana, designed to enter an installation to imitate Cortana and lock her down for retrieval.

How to get 120 fps Halo Infinite? ›

120 Hz FPS setup
  1. Make sure that your console is on the latest update: ...
  2. Make sure that your TV supports the 120 Hz refresh rate. ...
  3. Change your console display settings to 120 Hz: ...
  4. Enable FPS boost in the compatibility settings for the game:

Does Halo MCC run at 120FPS on Series S? ›

The Xbox Series X pushes out 4K resolution at 120 FPS, while the more affordable Xbox Series S sees similar performance at 1080p.

How much fps does 3090 get Halo Infinite? ›

Getting the Halo Infinite running while using a GeForce RTX 3090 can see it could get a very strong 106 FPS. Which is at High settings on 1080p performance. But then the GeForce RTX 3090 will get a solid big screen performance at 4K, with 35 frames per second.

Can Halo run 120FPS? ›

Quality mode: on an Xbox Series X console, Halo Infinite will run at a higher resolution and with HDR (when available) with a target framerate of 60 frames per second (FPS). Performance mode: on an Xbox Series X console, Halo Infinite will run at a reduced resolution with a target framerate of 120FPS.

Do you need a 120Hz monitor for 120fps on Xbox? ›

In addition, you will need a TV or monitor with a refresh rate that matches the frame rate of the game. So, you need to look out for a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz or more, in order for the TV to refresh the screen in sync with every frame.

Does Halo Infinite support 240Hz? ›

Halo Infinite Xbox Monitor | ZOWIE US. EC1-CW, EC2-CW and EC3-CW wireless gaming mouse is now available. 240Hz refresh rate equipped with XL Setting to Share™ to help players to be more comfortable in-game and to perform to the best of their abilities.

How much FPS do you need for Halo Infinite? ›

Halo Infinite PC performance and upscaling, tested
RTX 3070RX 580
1080p Recommended165 fps38 fps
1440p Ultra92 fps26 fps
1440p Recommended126 fps31 fps
4K Ultra55 fps16 fps
2 more rows
Dec 9, 2021

Who is Spartan 001? ›

Peter Walters (Spartan -001)

Who was the tallest Spartan? ›

Samuel was notably the tallest and strongest of the Spartan-IIs at the time of his death, and often acted as the second-in-command of Blue Team in its formative years.

Is Master Chief asexual Halo? ›

In the original Halo games, Master Chief is very much an asexual character. He never shows interest in any other character in such a way, it's just not a part of who he is. But in the most recent episode of the Halo TV show, Master Chief had sex, a surprising moment for many considering his established character.

What is Master Chief's IQ? ›

Prior to augmentation John likely had an IQ close to his peers around 160. Enhancements to intelligence/memory from augmentation have likely boosted his functional IQ well above that.

How heavy is Master Chief's armor? ›

The Chief, in his iconic green armor, and his fellow superhuman Spartans are more juggernauts than soldiers. Weighing a half-ton, and able to absorb anything short of a tank shell, the armor includes technological enhancements that improve everything from vision to reflexes, turning Spartans into the ultimate weapons.

What is the best FPS increaser? ›

The 7 Best FPS Boosters for Windows 10
  1. Razer Cortex: Boost. Razer Cortex is a free FPS-boosting software designed to enhance your gaming experience. ...
  2. Advanced System Optimizer. ...
  3. MSI Afterburner. ...
  4. Wise Game Booster. ...
  5. EZ Game Booster. ...
  6. Smart Game Booster. ...
  7. NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
Feb 15, 2023

Is Master Chief fast? ›

17 He Can Run Up To 60 Miles Per Hour

Early Halo games don't give the option to have Master Chief sprint, but regardless of how he runs in the game, lore tells us that Master Chief can run very quickly, faster than the game's mechanics make it appear. In Mjolnir armor, Master Chief can run up to 60 miles per hour.

Why is Master Chief so much stronger? ›

Only 33 Spartan trainee's emerged unscathed, John-117 was one of them. The augmentation process improved his already impressive reflexes, gave him superhuman strength, enhanced his eyesight, and made his bones nearly unbreakable.

Is Xbox 360 shutting down? ›

Fans of the Xbox 360 can relax: Microsoft has gone ahead and denied reports of the console's online marketplace shutting down in May 2023.

Is 343 shutting down Halo? ›

343 Industries Will No Longer Make Halo Games, But Will Oversee Outside Development - Report. It's claimed that 343 Industries will be taking a backseat to the development of future Halo games. Update: 343 Industries has denied reports that it is ending active Halo development at the studio.

Is Halo shutting down on Xbox 360? ›

On January 13, 2022, Xbox 360 game servers for Halo games were turned off (sunsetting the service). This means that while these games can still be played, online services such as challenges and file share are no longer available. The Xbox 360 versions of the following games are affected: Halo: Reach.

Why doesn t Master Chief take off his suit? ›

Master Chief's helmet serves two purposes; the first being from a lore standpoint. In every Halo game, Master Chief is always fighting some sort of enemy threat. This requires him to wear his helmet at all times, both for protection and information.

How many people still play Master Chief Collection? ›

7,519 Players Online

You are viewing the live Halo: The Master Chief Collection player count on PlayerCounter. Come back to this page when you want the latest update on live Halo: The Master Chief Collection players or update to show the most recent amount of players online.

How many people bought the Master Chief Collection? ›

The Steam release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection sold over one million units as of December 2019. "Halo reinvented how people think about video games and has grown into a global entertainment phenomenon, having sold more than 81 million copies worldwide," reads the report.

Who is Master Chief's girlfriend? ›

The relationship between Cortana and Master Chief has been highlighted by reviewers as one of the most important parts of the Halo games' story. Cortana has been recognized for her believability and character depth, as well as her sex appeal.

Is John Master Chief's real name? ›

The Master Chief, originally named John, was born in March 7 2511 and first lived with his family on the human colony planet Eridanus II.

Does Master Chief love Cortana? ›

Cortana was the AI assigned to Master Chief before the first game and had been his trusted companion for many years. The flirtatious nature of the relationship between them has created a unique dynamic for game characters. The two of them share a bond of love that few can experience.

What is the max frame rate for Halo MCC? ›

Both the campaign mode and multiplayer will be playable at 120fps, or double what you can currently achieve on the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. On the Xbox Series X, the split-screen mode for local multiplayer is also getting improved for up to 4K resolution.

What framerate is Halo 2 MCC? ›

Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer films are capped at 60 FPS even when the unlimited framerate option is enabled.

Is Halo infinite capped at 120 FPS? ›

Quality mode: on an Xbox Series X console, Halo Infinite will run at a higher resolution and with HDR (when available) with a target framerate of 60 frames per second (FPS). Performance mode: on an Xbox Series X console, Halo Infinite will run at a reduced resolution with a target framerate of 120FPS.

What is the KD ratio in Halo MCC? ›

The average Halo player's K/D ratio is exactly 1.00 (excluding death by suicide or betrayal), as every kill results in a death.

How much RAM does Halo MCC use? ›

Halo: The Master Chief Collection System Requirements
Minimum Build ItRecommended Build It
OSWindows 10 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit
HDD Space40 GB40 GB
5 more rows

How to get 120 FPS on Halo? ›

Change your console display settings to 120 Hz: Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, and then select Profile & system > Settings > General > TV & display options. Select Refresh rate > 120 Hz.

What frame rate is mw2 on Xbox? ›

Players can run the single-player campaign on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 at 4K resolution and enjoy a stable 60FPS. For those who prefer higher framerates, the game runs at a stable 120 FPS (with slight dips) at 1440p.

Does FPS matter in Halo? ›

Does FPS matter in Halo? Having higher FPS can help players have a competitive advantage. Not only are movements going to be more fluid and visually appealing, but players will be able to perform better. Things such as tracking targets can be enhanced by higher framerates.


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